A new addition to the CoE Collector's Edition! Ethereal Wyvern Mount!

Discussion in 'Community News' started by ARCHIVED-Windstalker, Nov 2, 2012.

  1. ARCHIVED-Windstalker Guest

    We are thrilled to announce we are adding an amazing Ethereal Wyvern flying mount to the Collector's Edition. Its animated armor and Ethernere textures are really stunning.
    To see a pic of it, you can go to my Twitter page (and follow me too if you like):
    Our Marketing team has an exciting announcement too today for our SOE Live attendees who want to upgrade to the Collectors...
  2. ARCHIVED-Cloudrat Guest

    Soooo cool O I love it! Thanks!
  3. ARCHIVED-Mermut Guest

    Alas, I'd already made my decision on CE vs regular weeks back... No wyvern for me, but I do save some money..
  4. ARCHIVED-yohann koldheart Guest

    is the mount 1 per toon? or per account?
  5. ARCHIVED-Purr Guest

    Hm, nice looking.
    But I still think the CE will need the Panda Valley for us to forget about our last Ice Pegasus/Lavastorm Retreat investment and buy another 6 Collectors Edition for all our accounts.
    Make it work! Please.
  6. ARCHIVED-Phubarrh Guest

    Any chance of offering an upgrade to the Collector's Edition if you've already preordered the standard edition? The addition of the mount makes the CE worthwhile to me, but alas my order was already in...
  7. ARCHIVED-Zergosch Guest

    Well, at least it is a reaction on the protest
    Still nothing compared to those CE before, but at least something.
  8. ARCHIVED-Eshaac Guest

    Phubarrh@Oasis wrote:
    Cancel your current pre-order then re-order the pre-order of your choice..
  9. ARCHIVED-Tuckker Guest

    Is that mount also available via a quest line, boss drop or a collection trun-in similar to the SS-Drake?
  10. ARCHIVED-feldon30 Guest

    Koleg@Unrest_old wrote:
    There are in-game wyvern mounts with different coloration that can be acquired in various ways.
    It would defeat the purpose of a Collector's Edition if you could get the exact same mount through an in-game quest.
  11. ARCHIVED-Dexella Guest

    yohann koldheart wrote:
    One per character.

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