A Message to Osh not updating

Discussion in 'Quests and Seasonal Events' started by Bydekm, Jan 8, 2017.

  1. Bydekm New Member

    1. Start the quest "A Message to Osh" in Eastern Wastes.
    2. Enter the portal to the Great Divide as instructed.
    3. Speak to Osh.

    Osh is not updating the quest. He talks about going to Cobalt Scar. Talking to Osh in Cobalt Scar does not update the quest either.
  2. Chillispike Active Member

    You need to do the Cobalt Scar Othmir part of the timeline then he will update in Great Divide. not sure if intended but works
  3. Kaitheel Developer

    This morning I identified an issue that was causing Osh to be confused for some players, Bydekm. I suspect you are one of them. The next hotfix should include the following change in the update notes:
    • A Message to Osh - Osh will now respond to those who have used the spiritgate, even if the player is on "Curse of the Magic Thief" or "Awakening Bonds: Forks in the Road."
    ~ Kaitheel
  4. Fleurs Active Member

    Still got the exact same problem, Return to Oshask me to return to osh in Great divide, but he only tell me he is going to cobalt scar etc.. Unable to progress Epic quest...
  5. Chrol Developer

    Can you PM your character name and server with this problem, Fleurs? Thanks!
  6. Fleurs Active Member

    Message sent. =)
  7. Chrol Developer

    Took a look at your character, Fleurs. You're missing one or more quests, and that's all I'm going to say on the matter. Good luck!
  8. Fleurs Active Member

    Oh ok thanks, it is strange, since i got a mail from Osh asking to meet him, i should not receive that mail if i'm not not elligible to the quest, don't i? But thanks for looking into it, i will then advance the quest more.
  9. Elgo New Member

    Same problem here. (Character Name Elgola on Thurgadim server)

    The Quest Returning to Osh is not updating. The Quest Message to Osh was fixed yesterday but I still do not get the update for Returning to Osh. Can anyone confirm that you have to do this quest before getting the update for curse of the magic thief?
  10. Silzin Active Member

    Since this is on this quest line. Any one else having problems with the quest "The Rock" the 2 npc's will not finish talking to each other.
  11. Conifur Well-Known Member

    I finished The Rock but on Potent Portable the otters would not update after I brought them back to Nika, they just stood there saying the needed to see Nika ASAP - and she was right in front of them. I skipped it, sent the three otters off to the water but now she won't give me the last quest - she has the feather, starts the dialog then stops with "Perhaps it wasn't meant to be poison."
  12. Chelo New Member

    Im having the same problem in both of my Account.... on my toons Chelo and Vulcano. Hall of Fate server both toons.
  13. Chelo New Member

    Im having the same problem in both of my Account.... on my toons Chelo and Vulcano.
  14. Conifur Well-Known Member

    Have someone who did it already share it with you. Worked for me. Great system they have.
  15. Seadar New Member

    Fluers, any update on this? I am in the same spot. I did the gnoll section but this didnt work either. I am not sure what line to advance.

    Shoutout to Chelo


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