A merry, cheery, Frostfell is happening right now!

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  1. dreamweaver Community Relations

    Nights are longer and days are colder, which means it's time to start spreading holiday cheer for the most delightful time of the year - Frostfell! From now until Tuesday, January 5, 2020, The Elves and Goblins invite you to participate in the celebration of this Deepice holiday with festivities, decorations, and more!

    This year, whether you're an adventurer or a tradeskiller, you'll find something new awaits you! Step through the Magic Closet within your city to enter the Frostfell Wonderland Village, an enchanting land of ice and adventure. You are warmly welcome to pay a visit to the Frostfell Workshop, where Frostfell elves have been busy preparing for the celebration. And of course, be sure to keep your eyes open for wandering gifts!


    New features for 2020!
    Kaladim - the event is active, with the following exception:
    • Little Lost Goblin
    • Deepice Dreams
    • Special Delivery
    • O Frostfell Tree
    • Tis the Season
    • Gift Giving
    • Frostfell Merry Kitten familiar is now automatically turned into a flavor pet spell, when obtained on a Time Locked Server.
      • Bought from Permafrostfell merchant.

    Live Servers!
    • New Quest!
      • Icy Something Worth Mining - offered by Sugarbow in the Frostfell Wonderland Village.
    • Gerbi Frostfoot, the permafrostfell merchant in Frostfell Wonderland Village, has 8 new items for sale, to players of all levels. (See list below)
    • Giggawat and Garsleblat Gigglegibber merchants have brought back 4 items from retirement.
    • Tradeskillers can create NEW house items, clothing and equipment in the Frostfell Wonderland Village. They can buy the new crafting books from Giddlenerf, Guhtosle, Giggawat, and Garsleblat.
      • Frostfell Outfits You Can Make XIII
      • Frostfell Feasts and Decorative Crafts XIII
      • Scholarly Pursuits for a Festive Frostfell XIII

    To sneak a peek at all the new things that the Frostfell Fae themselves have been working on for this season, read on!


    Santa Glug is Coming (Back) to Town!
    Santa Glug, a gigglegibber goblin in a very bad Santa disguise in Frostfell Wonderland Village, is back and has 16 tradable gifts (9 new) to give everyone that asks once a day (18 hours)!
    • Peppermint Candy Cane Crown of Gloom
    • Candy Crumble Rug
    • Snowflake Holiday Fruit Basket
    • Decorative Glacial Candycane
    • Flying Orange Baby Dragon Plushie
    • Sugar Sweet Dreams
    • Tan Frosttail Reindeer
    • a Jolly-Filled Frostfell Cube
    • Petamorph Wand: Cranberry Ooze
    New Items to Holiday Shop For
    Gerbi Frostfoot, the permafrostfell merchant in Frostfell Wonderland Village, has a bundle of new items for sale! Players of all levels can purchase 5 new items this year!
    • Let it Snow Hat
    • Let it Snow Cloak
    • Let it Snow Finery
    • Shelled Frost Mulcher
    • Frost Fae Drake
    • Snowy Cliff Beak Plushie
    • Icy Needlescale Plushie
    • Cold as Ice Tile


    New Goodies to Craft and Create
    There are brand new house items, clothing, and equipment for Tradeskillers to create in the Frostfell Wonderland Village. New crafting books (Frostfell Outfits You Can Make XIII, Frostfell Feasts and Decorative Crafts XIII, and Scholarly Pursuits for a Festive Frostfell XIII) can be purchased from Giddlenerf, Guhtosle, Giggawat, and Garsleblat.
    • Frostfell Outfits You Can Make XIII
      • Green and Red Felt Stocking
      • Festive Tartan Stocking
      • Holly Jolly Robe
      • Holly Jolly Shoes
      • Holly Jolly Gloves
      • Holly Jolly Hood
      • Holly Jolly Collar
      • Holly Jolly Leather Tunic
      • Holly Jolly Leather Boots
      • Holly Jolly Leather Bracers
      • Holly Jolly Leather Handguards
      • Holly Jolly Leather Cap
      • Holly Jolly Leather Greaves
      • Holly Jolly Leather Armwraps

    • Frostfell Feasts and Decorative Crafts XIII
      • Velious Buckthorn Bush
      • Frozen Tundra Shrub
      • Erollis Frosted Ore
      • Holiday Plaid Plush Couch
      • Holiday Plaid Chaise Lounge
      • Merry Plate of Frostfell Pastries
      • Festive Plate of Frostfell Pastries
      • Frostfell Fayberry Muffin Plate
      • Cocoa Cauldron
      • Sinister Gumdrop Plushie
      • Luscious Red Gumdrop Plushie
      • Tangy Orange Gumdrop Plushie

    • Scholarly Pursuits for a Festive Frostfell XIII
      • Plum Holiday Candle
      • Yellow Holiday Candle
      • Green Striped Oblong Bauble
      • Frostfell Cinnamon Stripe Tile
      • Frostfell Cinnamon Stripe Arched Door Frame
      • Frostfell Cinnamon Stripe Block
      • Frostfell Cinnamon Stripe Half Block
      • Frostfell Cinnamon Stripe Horizontal Window Frame in Tall Divider
      • Frostfell Cinnamon Stripe Narrow Divider
      • Frostfell Cinnamon Stripe Railing
      • Frostfell Cinnamon Stripe Rectangular
      • Frostfell Cinnamon Stripe Rounded Tile
      • Frostfell Cinnamon Stripe Short Column
      • Frostfell Cinnamon Stripe Square Window Frame in Narrow Divider
      • Frostfell Cinnamon Stripe Square Window Frame in Tall Divider
      • Frostfell Cinnamon Stripe Stair
      • Frostfell Cinnamon Stripe Tall Column
      • Frostfell Cinnamon Stripe Tall Divider
      • Frostfell Cinnamon Stripe Tall Window Frame in Narrow Divider
      • Frostfell Cinnamon Stripe Tall Window Frame in Tall Divider
      • Frostfell Cinnamon Stripe Triangle Tile
      • Frostfell Cinnamon Stripe Vertical Window Frame in Tall Divider
    The 12 Days of Frostfell
    This year, Santa Glug's Curious Clerk is on the hunt for Chocolate Coins! Collect these coins by purchasing Frostfell-themed Marketplace items, and trade them in for even more holiday items. Coming soon to a Marketplace near you!


    Holiday celebrations will run through the month from Tuesday, December 8, 2020 at 10 AM PST until Tuesday, January 5, 2021 at 11:59 PM PST. Don't forget to enjoy yourselves over Frostfell!
  2. parissa Well-Known Member

    Will the familiar that you can get with the glug coins be updated on stats to be in line with the newer ones?
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  3. dreamweaver Community Relations

    I believe that is still being discussed.
  4. Victisa Active Member

    hi dreamweaver honey do you know when the chocolate coins are comming to the market place? and if so where do i look for it in the marketplace? oh PS you said jan 5 2020.. not 2021. :D squeeks /giggles hugs dreamweaver
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  5. Marae Well-Known Member

    I wanted to double-check the ending time on the last day - does it really go all the way to (almost) midnight? Or does it end in the morning like it has in previous years? Just double-checking. :)

    I'd also like to send a Frostfell hug to Dreamweaver for being such an awesome Community Manager! Thank you, and thanks to the whole team for bringing us this wonderful game. And while I'm at it, thanks to all the players, too! This is one of the better - as in, more pleasant and upbeat, generous and helpful - online communities, and I'm glad to be a part of it. Love you all! Happy Frostfell!
  6. Siren Well-Known Member

    It usually ends on a Tuesday morning at 10am EST with downtime. This year it's Tuesday morning, Jan. 5, 2021.

    Wow, 2021 incoming already! Where does the time go?
  7. Niami DenMother Well-Known Member

    They're turning it off at almost midnight, yes. It is not being timed with a patch - the patch will only affect the big Frostfell trees in Qeynos and Freeport. Kaitheel confirmed it in our testing thread the other day.
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  8. Uwkete-of-Crushbone Well-Known Member

    YESSS!!!! :D

    Basically, 11:59 pm PST on the 5th. :D

    It's a first for this year, and we need to change the Calendar to reflect the new fact, but it's an incredible one. :)

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  9. Antz Member

    Clockwork toys. Guys, I'm probably staring right at them, but I do not know where to find these to do this part of the Gift-giver's Dilemna Quest:

    Use the gizmonic zapper to shock 8 clockwork toys.

    I don't see them hanging around near the quest giver, Gardy. According to the wiki's they are in a snow covered area, so it must be the Frostfell village, right? Anyone have some coordinates I can waypoint?

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  10. Alyndrys Well-Known Member

    They are there on every island and or ice too, moving around :) very tiny like antz :) you select them then ... zapp...
  11. Antz Member

    Thanks! I finally found them on the island that has Jarith Icewing and Glargle Gigglegibber on it. They ARE tiny!!
  12. WhysperWynde Well-Known Member

    Hohoho! You two just got me in the playing mood Antz and Alyndrys! I just woke up but I am heading right now to Frostfell Village to find this island with Jarith Icewing and Glargle Gigglegibber on it. Gotta get me some clothworks!!
  13. Uwkete-of-Crushbone Well-Known Member

    The li'l bipeds are the teeny ones; every once in a while you luck out and catch sight of a very smoggy, polluting "T. rex" critter, stomping along on the ice.

    Either that (Gnomes not seeming to care about emission control), or it's about to explode anyway, and I'm just putting it out of its misery when I zap one like that...I prefer to think of it that way, since I like those. :(

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  14. Antz Member

    So, interestingly, I'm now playing a second character and on this quest, the teeny clock work toys (both kinds) were only on the ice. It was fun skating up to them and zapping them today. I'm guessing that, though they can be 'all over' Wonderland, that they populate one area at a time? That might be helpful info for other newbies.

    About half of mine this time were the T-rex types. I was thinking they farted a diarrhea cloud as camoflage. Lol, they are funny!
  15. Uwkete-of-Crushbone Well-Known Member

    Generally, they're on the ice (and snow, but they're a lot easier to see on the ice, imho) immediately surrounding the point of origin, basically the Island of Gift Giving (or whatever its official name is) where the gobboes set them off. They usually (like, 90% of them) go as far as the ice between the first big island you come to from down the ramp from the entrance to the Village and the Gift Giving Island to just slightly behind the Island on that ice. I have found them on the snow of the Island itself, but I usually just hunt them on the ice.

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  16. WhysperWynde Well-Known Member

    Well I couldn't find them, they must be really tiny. Thought for sure I'd find at least one with Uwk's excellent directions of on ice between Great Isle of Gifts and the stairway ramp from the entrance ice. Oh well, what did they do again? I got distracted by that quest of getting the package on the steps and something about the sparkly ice cubes that you get pushed/flown around over but that one kinda escaped me the meaning of too. Too much flying around all over the place.

    Nevertheless I have had a DELIGHTFUL FROSTFELL this year in Wonderland Village! So much to do. Got me the Merry Loom, Cheery Forge, Festive Workbench (somelike that names) installed on our Trader's Blessing Craft Ship in our Vintaro's Crafting Isle of Refuge and collected/opened oh! so many frostfell gifts to get the crafting materials for these specialized holiday crafting tables to make things all year round. And got SO many shinies!! My Ogre Fury Gorralok Oggrok is collecting shinies and doing SP quests and crafting (she's a Provisioner) to get the righteous black lion mount that costs 3M SP from the market where you trade in your shines for SP. Trade Center? Forget the guy's name now (Sid Galloway or Snidely's or something?) but sure know the place to go.

    Thanks EVERYONE in EQ2 Community .. devs, customer support, fellow players for the most rocking socking 2020 ever and great and wonderful wishes for everyone's even more fun and eventful 2021. LET's PLAY BAll .. errr .. EVerQUest II!!!!!!!!
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  17. Uwkete-of-Crushbone Well-Known Member

    You got the Crafting Stations! :D Brilliant, you're set for life now. They FINALLY came out with that option in 2013, after seven years of my whinging about having an extremely limited amount of time to make the Frostfell items that we didn't have limits on for any other holiday. As expensive as it can get, and as dependent on high-level crafters as one is for that, at least it's possible now, and I've had at least one set in every server I'm on (all six! :D) since 2013. ;->

    The shinies aren't for selling for status, they're for the collections. On the other hand, if the (actually fairly spooky) Druid appearance things (spooky mask, spooky spear, ghostly white cloak) don't appeal, or the Glacial Brazier house item from the Frost-Bitten Toes, then yep, status away! :) I just have so many alts, I feel the need to take pity on the poor li'l kids and make sure everyone gets the chance to get the collections complete (could also just be a manifestation of my OCD as well, but whatever ;->).

    Good luck on that mount! :)

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