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  1. Bregdania Active Member

    I’m working with half blocks to enclose a column. I have them with a pitch of 90.00 and rotation and roll at 0.0. When I re-enter the house or save the blocks to the packing crate while duplicating them with other blocks for another column; why do they automagically change the rotation and/or roll (usually both) from zero to either 180.0. -180.0 or even 178.98. I alter either rotation or roll back to zero and even both back to zero trying alternatives but it changes back every time.

    I can’t change the pitch as the blocks are stacked vertically. I just need to stop these other changes to the rotation and roll from happening within the game once my back is turned . :eek: I've had similar things happen to things like mirrors etc and once I've changed one set of numbers to something within .2 of the whole numbers it is fine - it just isn't with this.

    Could some kind person please tell me what should I be entering to prevent this from happening as it has the effect of lining the blocks up slap bang next to the column I’m enclosing each time rather than enclosing them correctly. I just hope my explanation of what is happening isn't too unclear.

    Thank you
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  2. Gracey Well-Known Member

    Pitch hates whole numbers. Have to enter pitch as 89.896 or 90.143 for it to "stick". With Roll and Rotation - you don't need to use funky numbers.
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  3. Bregdania Active Member

    Thanks Gracey. :) I shall leave my original reply here for you to see and shake your head at!!

    The only whole numbers I was using was on the pitch( I wasn't touching any of the others) and I figured since the half blocks were resting on top of each other there would be a visual misalignment if I went to the 89.896. I will give that a go in the morning (just logged out for the night :( ) and I will see how it looks and if that fixes the problem. I must admit that tiles when used vertically also do this twisting motion but since they rotate on a central axis it isn't a problem ( much ) With the half blocks though their axis is on one side so this is part of the flip flop reaction to those whole numbers.

    You have just given me a eureka moment now that I can see this rule applies not to just flat objects but everything that has the need of a 90 degree pitch!!! I logged in and did as yousaid - left the house and came back and yay!!! it's still right.

    I couldn't go to bed knowing the solution was probably right here - now I can sleep in peace thanks to you!!!!

    I appreciate your help very much.
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  4. JesDyr Well-Known Member

    If you need to stack items next to or on top of items pitched like this, i suggest learning to use "Build row" to prevent seams.

    Just make sure you have items in the crate (and auto replace UIDs is on in settings). Then select the base Item(s), right click and select Build Row. You need to select the side to build on (this is based on how the item would be if it had 0,0,0 rotations) and set the base size (Jazabelle has a spread sheet she posted). Click run and the editor will place the new row

    This function is great for building ramps.
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  5. Bregdania Active Member

    Thank you Jesdyr for encouraging me to learn this. I've used your layout editor for years now but have never explored more than the basic functionality. I seem to create a mental block for myself when I try to understand the refined aspects of your program. I wish I knew why and I'm determined to get past this mental block one way or another.

    So far I can produce seamless tiling and now thanks to the latest enlightenment from Gracey, I can stack items after altering the pitch correctly :)
    What I can't seem to get my head around is how to use the "Tools" within your program for creating tiled areas and circles. I use a more laborious method of placing a tile and then duplicating them in the same place and moving them in the required direction - all using the editor but by manually copying the location info, pasting it to the new item and then moving the item the correct distance and direction. As for the circles - I'm still making a mess of things and need to go back over and over and over the tutorial you have on YouTube.

    I am imagining by now you are shuddering at my awful attempts at using your editor. :(

    I promise I will take time to practice and attempt to understand what seems so obvious to everyone who uses your program. For the moment though could either you or perhaps Gracey tell me if there are some magic numbers I should use to position a tile on its corner rather than its side (I'm thinking diamond not square if that makes sense). I can get close with the pitch and roll but I know I'm missing something very basic to get it perfectly positioned and upright.

    Thank you very much for taking your time to help me - it's much appreciated.
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  6. JesDyr Well-Known Member

    This is the part of the video I was thinking about.. https://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_detailpage&v=gqCvVZ722p4#t=453

    Gracey is a great teacher :)

    There are many functions I don't even use .. For tiling I will almost never use the tile tool. I use duplication most of the time and move the items by the amount needed. I only use the spiral tool for some things .. Most of the time I use Duplication and Rotate around point. With complex shapes like spirals, I rarely get them right on the first attempt unless I am taking time to do the math which is really rare. Just experiment with it and adjust as needed. If I ever get the new version released, there is a major update to the circle UI
  7. Gracey Well-Known Member

    So glad it all stayed "put" for you. Sleep well!! Thanks Jes for further enlightenment as always <3
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  8. Bregdania Active Member

    Thank you JesDyr.
    For the past 3 or 4 hours I've been systematically watching those video tutorials again. When I first watched them (a few years ago on some) a few things stuck with me but a lot was over my head. I'm really pleased to say that with watching them today I actually understood everything!! <boggle>
    Now being able to put it all into practice will be the next step. I'm feeling a little happier too with you saying how you use your own editor. Maths and I have never been great friends but I'm able to get by - commonsense helps a bit too. Definitely now, the more I practice in an empty lot with a full packing crate the better I will be able to perform.

    Having seen the sheer magic of 89.89 on pitch as well as the video reminders of using roll instead of pitch wherever possible has really solved a few frustrations. I'd still love if someone could tell me the basic pitch and roll that turns a tile on it's point. I've seen them used in the gables of houses etc and have a few places I'd like to be able to do something like that.

    Thanks again for your help.

    Oh and thank you too Gracey - you were posting while I was writing :)
    and another oh! That looks interesting about the circle tool. Who know - I might just be able to tackle that too thanks JesDyr
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