3 questions about templar revamped AAs

Discussion in 'Priests' started by Matik, Feb 25, 2021.

  1. Matik Member

    Does Divine Reckoning scale with level, or is it always 60? (this is the 12 effectiveness per point to all hostile spells in SF portion of templar tree. I'm wondering if it will be lower than 60 at low levels)

    Is Blessed Armament still undead only? The wording isn't there anymore, but this doesn't mean anything (this is the damage proc on every hit in wis line of cleric tree)

    Does enhance: divine strike actually work? I ask because I see wording about "holy strike"
  2. Zhevally Member

    The issue with enhance: divine strike is that the spell got replaced with Rapturous Strike if you did ethereals last year(and the new spell does so much more damage than the old one).
    Blessed Armament hits everything it but it's very minimal damage.
  3. Torri Active Member

    Sorry to swerve off the Templar target. I play a Warden, returned last November and freshly leveled to 120 so missed whatever event it came from last year live. I was looking through my spell-book and saw a new level 120 spell using the same icon as the basic Warden fire DD Dawnstrike spell line. Is that the equivalent of your Templar Divine Strike and if so does it upgrade the way spells generally have through a Sage for experts that you don't need all the intermediate versions of before being able to scribe it?
  4. Zhevally Member

    Every class got a new one, but they were only upgradeable via buying the books with eth coins I believe. I have no clue which one wardens got(note classes also got a new spell from the sol eye heroic which you can still do). However the books are tradeable so if you find a warden with leftover coins you can buy it from them.