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Discussion in 'Zones and Populations' started by Gninja, Jun 27, 2019.

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  1. Mermut Well-Known Member

    PoP with guaranteed no trade at end of each zone was a reasonable way to do no trades..
  2. Gninja Developer

    Last call for Raid Council sign ups will be Friday July 12th by end of day Pacific.
  3. Trasor Active Member

    Any plans for a PvP Council? ;)
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  4. Perciful Member

    I would also like to stress the need for class balance. After there is enough feedback about a certain class (sticky wheel), a new expansion will normally reveal a newly revamped class that everyone will gravitate to. What will the lucky chosen class be on the next upcoming expansion? Bruiser is definitely a good candidate. My main is Brigand and that class could use some love as well. Thanks for looking.

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  5. Obano Well-Known Member

    The problem with Brigand is "Dispatch" has not really scaled up to match the resists on mobs. Back in the day (KoS / EoF era) dispatch would take a mob all the way down to zero resists. A well timed "Dispatch" could effectively double the DPS of the entire raid with some coordination with other classes holding back their hardest hitting attacks for when the mob had no resists. That coordination took skill which was in turn was rewarded by killing the mob faster. A Brigand was a key class to have in the raid back then because it brought tremendous utility to the raid.

    Sometimes the only way to kill a boss in a timely manner was with "dispatch" spike DPS especially on fights where there was only a short time to DPS the mob between joust calls. I remember old school raids where you only had a few seconds to hit the mob between jousts. This is kind of what I mean where class balance effects the raid strategy. To make raids interesting again they have to go look at class balance. Every class had a role to play and for Brigand that role was to debuff the mob so other classes could spike DPS.

    In current mechanics with mobs having millions of resists and dispatch only applying a 10k debuff it is barely a scratch and doesn't make a difference anymore. Brigand lost their niche and thus became irrelevant. To bring Brigand back up to par they would have to add a couple zeroes to the resist debuff on dispatch.

    I created an entire thread on why Bruisers are facing massive issues this expansion. It basically boils down to Bruisers losing their strikethrough immunity and thus losing their niche as avoidance tanks.
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  6. Gninja Developer

    Raid Council applications are now closed. If you did not get a reply and you sent me a private message let me know. Any replies given prior to end of day Friday July 12th will be considered. Those that sent me a PM should have gotten instructions for what to do or a reason as to why they will not be able to join the council this round.
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