The Witching Hour 2021 Rewards Showcase!

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    I actually laughed out loud at that bat floating about like that video of the bird who's wing flaps were at the same rate as the camera's shutters so it just looked like it someone dragging an asset around in a sandbox/building game or 3D animation software. Hope we get some bat BASE pets eventually that aren't those Gotham Zoo models but actual bats, even if they don't do much more than like blink or something like that flamingo one that looks around occasionally but never moves around. We have so many accessory, trinket, and combat ones (though some of those ones I kinda wish we could change the color of to better fit the characters they're on like making the Dark Construct Bat red). I'd also love to be able to have those bat/gargoyle/ghoul type features like the Manbat stuff in a way where it's just part of the character's features like a skin and we could give the character hair and back and hand styles and everything (same for those bird, rhino, alien, mecha, etc heads).

    I also find the Van Helsing emblems amusing because I never expected that to even be a potential item for the game and literally never realised DC had any connection or rights to the character and also because one of my most active toons, Atomikit, has often been joked about by me and my friends as looking like a female, fox-woman Van Helsing lmao (if only her ears would poke out of that hat of hers like they totally could, especially since much weirder styles have that like the Red Hood helmet lol).
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