SOE/PSG: Important FAQ for upcoming player migration from PSG to SOE!

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  1. Malvious New Member

    I made a ticket regarding this today, Asking them to "unbann" my account. Will post here when i get a reply.
  2. Saroc_Luclin Community Council

    Just to make it official, What about Everquest 1? I believe existing accounts were grandfathered in, but if a Euro player wanted to make a new account to play EQ they had to make a PSG account as well. That is no longer the case now, right? (Asking because Everquest 1 is not mentioned in the announcement)
  3. Ashlanne Community Relations Project Manager

    EverQuest did not transition for existing or new customers that's why it isn't mentioned.
  4. Yinnie Community Council

    Signed up for EQ Landmark on SOE and did nothing for EQNext as it was with PSG.

    Do I need to sign up for Landmark beta again now to register for EQNext beta with SOE?
  5. Saroc_Luclin Community Council

    Thanks for clearing that up. I know that it had been in the works last year, leading to the grandfather clauses and such, but I hadn't noticed if it had actually gone off or not for EQ and Vanguard.
  6. Dexella Community Relations

    No. If you signed up for the Landmark beta, we have your information and will include it on the list for EverQuest Next beta; one registration counts for both.

    You're welcome to verify your sign-up by going through the registration flow again; if your information is on file, it will tell you. If it's not yet, you'll be registered then! :)
  7. Zhouz Community Council

    at one point it says
    but then it says you cannot merge your psg account into an existing soe account. So which is it?
  8. MolleaFauss New Member

    Yup, may we have a statement on this? Some of us had an account with SOE and were forced to go play with PSG. Now they are brought back. Will we have to create another account? That means using a second email address, pretty annoying...
  9. KoutaSn New Member

    Well that explains why I could log on to the SOE client yesterday with my SOE account I made for planetside 1, I just wish I hadn't spent money on the account as soon as it worked, I did it to get away from Pr07, still good I can get the hell away from them now, I just wish I could somehow transfer my Magrider bundle, and Tech camo from my SOE account to the SOE account that will probably be created at the SOE transfer :<
  10. Krom New Member

    I just talked to a Support person.... don't get your hopes up, apparently it's not that easy, the guy told me he could do nothing for me and that there's no information yet, what's gonna happen with accounts like ours...... that's kinda disappointing.
  11. bSalsa New Member

    I'm in the exact same situation as Marleigh (and you, Malvious). I'm from the EU, have an old SOE account, never transferred anything to ProSiebenSat1, played EQ2 and PS2, but my account status shows me as "banned" from DCUO.
    Would love to hear what the response is to your ticket. :)
  12. escapethyfate New Member

    I opened a ticket as well earlier on and got a reply just a little while ago. This is the response I had:


    Thank you for contacting us. I understand that your DCUO account is showing as banned. You may have had a DCUO account with us at some point, but all DCUO accounts in ProSieben territories, including all characters and items, were migrated to ProSieben, which is why it is showing as "Banned". You will not currently be able to play DCUO on this account.

    With the recent announcement of PSG accounts being moved back to SOE, we are currently exploring ways to possibly assist with those accounts that did not originally migrate to PSG. I can not make any promises, but we're looking into it. When a decision has been made, it will be announced to the public and posted on our official forums.

    For the time being, we will not be able to release this account or assist with any characters that may have not been migrated to PSG during the original window.

    SOE/PSG: Important FAQ for upcoming player migration from PSG to SOE!

    Not awfully happy but it's something I suppose.
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  13. Yinnie Community Council

    Now PSG is no long associated with SOE games, will UK players start seeing SOE station cash cards back in our shops ?
  14. Amontron New Member

    Hi there.

    well i think its a good move certainly, but i have a question. my first Dcuo account was with PSG but once i bought dlcs ive join SOE and now i have dc universe online characters in this two accounts PSG and SOE, but i prefer playing with those on SOE, what will happen then, i will loose something here?
    thank u :confused:
  15. forgehammer New Member

    I'm in the same situation. SOE account with DCUO on it which I stopped using when forcably moved to ProSieben. It appears that we can't now use these accounts for DCUO.

    I created a ticket and received the same response as escapethyfate.

    I do hope they manage to un-ban the accounts. Many of us are loyal SOE customers with other paid subs for SOE games. I don't want to have to maintain another SOE account with SOE cash management just because there's a reluctance to un-ban these accounts. Especially as I for one didn't want to be moved to ProSieben in the first place.
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  16. Brusilov New Member

    Although i never had to make an Prosieben account i think this is an magnificent move from SOE :)
  17. Desirrus New Member

    So if do i understand this correctly. I bought DC universe, it got migrated to ProSieben and then got marked as banned on SOE account. However, I have other games which were ones that were kept under SOE by petition e.g. EQ2 PS2 etc on my account.
    Now, with this divorce, i can transfer my DC universe back to SOE but onto a new account , not my own existing SOE one with my other does that help me if i buy all access..if my games get spread over 2 accounts??
  18. Light FX New Member

    I have 1 important question, a few members of my league on dcuo were premium because of only having the option to pay with an international credit card to become legendary and both didn't have 1. So when this migration process is complete are they then able to become legendary thru different payment options?
  19. Light FX New Member


    In case u didn't see my other post, will the eu guys that were on prosberien b4 now have the ability to purchase legendary thru the different methods we in the US have? Because as it stands now they could only purchase with an international credit card if their country didn't support other methods. Brazil being 1 of these.
  20. K2150 New Member

    I'm in Europe, I have an SOE USA account and a ProSieben EU account, both accounts use the same station name, so what happens come migration time, do I have to delete my SOE account in order to migrate my ProSieben account ?

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