Crash ''You are being removed for unfair play''

Discussion in 'Bug Reports' started by Ragnarock, Feb 12, 2019.

  1. Having this message pop up since the last update. I don't know if this is a bug or a silent ban , but either way I want to know why I'm having this issue.

    I can't play the closed beta now because every time I try to join a lobby(with a team or solo) I spawn in an empty lobby with this message popping up.

    I want some to have some information on what is going on , otherwise I'm gonna be refunding this game and making a very angry review about it. A buggy closed beta is fine. False hackusations are not.
  2. do you have the recursion tracker?
    this thing does not run with planetside arena, but this is just my first guess.
  3. jgolenbo Community Manager

    Hey Rag - can you DM me (@jgolenbo on twitter)? Definitely want to look into this Asap

  4. To be honest I have no idea what a recursion tracker is. People on discord made a joke about some kind of cheater tale but I am no cheater if thats what you're implying too.

    Hey! Thanks for the response, (even though it was late, I appreciate it). I made an account just to give a reply.(don't use twitter normally, but If I knew I could get help this way, I would try before refunding the game..)

    I admit that I proved impatient with the refund, however I expect you to understand my frustration and resolve this issue, if you don't want to lose even more players.
  5. Daybreak support actually confirmed that I wasn't banned and it was probably a bug. I'll be keeping an eye to see if this ''bug'' is gone, and depending on that I will rebuy the game. I'll be very glad If I can be informed about this. @jgolenbo
  6. Hey Ragnarock,
    nice to hear that the problem got solved!
    The recursion tracker is no cheating tool, it only gives some additional information about players you killed or got killed by and tracks your gaming sessions in planetside 2. Did not want to accuse you for cheating.
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  7. Actually, the only thing really solved for me is that I know I'm not banned and its a bug now. The bug itself is still there and I'm actually ready to buy the game again if the devs can get rid of it.

    Also sorry for my alergic reaction I was really frustrated about the whole thing yesterday, now I know what a recursion tracker is :D

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