Why are "Teams" smaller than "Squads?"

Discussion in 'Suggestions' started by Tython, Sep 22, 2019.

  1. I don't know how every BR game does it, but in most games I expect a Squad to be a handful of players, and a Team to be a very large group.

    It's a little confusing that PSA calls the 3-player mode Teams and the 12-player mode Squads.

    I know PS2 Squads hold up to 12 people, so that's probably why you stuck with that name.

    But it would be a lot less confusing if you found another name for the 3-player mode to better reflect that it's for small groups.
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  2. This same thing has been bothering me since I first logged in, and I 100% agree with Tython. A squad is typically 4-13 soldiers, depending on the branch and country of service. I equate "Teams" to a larger unit, such as a platoon, so it is immediately confusing to me. A more appropriate term for a 3-man mode would be "Fire Team" or "Crew".
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  3. I'm glad it was disabled! It just doesn't fit the magic of planetside. As it is, I found the 'squads/12-person' mode to be so much fun! But had no interest or fun from the 3-person 'team' mode.
  4. Definitely think it should be renamed to something more obvious, '3 player mode' or 'crew' sound good suggestions.
  5. The naming (i believe) is indeed, as you said, due to keeping to what terminology is used in Planetside 2.

    Platoons > Squads > Fire Teams, or just Teams. So, a Squad will typically have more people than a Team and so on.

    Throw in "Outfit" and you have another level larger than Platoon. Though, I might agree that for a game that may be aimed at bringing a different playerbase into Planetside, the naming might do better to as something more easily recognizable to people not knowledgeable to the Planetside universe.

    However, I believe that instead of anything like that, a Tutorial should be made available to players, which would likely cover some of that as-is. Have people start in it, but allow people to leave it without completing it.

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