Wait time for matches does not bode well...

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  1. Waiting 15-20 minutes between matches in the 2/12 Beta. Are there that few playing?
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  2. Yeah, very slow now, pop has been steadily dropping, finding a match has actually been impossible. Shows people (myself included) are tired of looking at the BR mode, or the ones who do like BR are just on Apex Legends now. All honest would probably be best to just drop the BR mode at this point, they had a small chance before Apex, but thats the new hot **** now so no one will bother paying for this one. Try pushing the other modes to go for a different market.
  3. Seriously ? you realise the game is in Beta right ? and a pretty early stage of that as well thats loaded with bugs , server issues and hard crashes , there's no way you can compare the current player numbers to what will happen at launch or when it goes open beta ( soft release )
  4. It has been steadily declining every single test, and greatly declined further after Apex Legends came out. Remember this is a closed beta test, meaning its comprised of people who had the most interest in this game to go ahead and pre order it and dedicated planetside fans seeing what this game would bring. If they aren't bothering to play anymore, thats really bad, this is their fan base thats already walking away. First day of 300 test we would hit 300, second test around 180, third test around 120-130, and now we have fallen down to 40. 40 people in a 300 man mode which used to have enough testers to reach those numbers, so its not like we never had enough people, you can easily notice the number of testers dropping out and losing interest.
  5. I agree. I thought Planetside Arena would've had a much better roll-out (even in closed beta) given the assets they have to work with from Planetside 2. It is difficult to see how this Arena will encourage people to pay into the Planetside universe when a sci-fi option like Apex Legends had such a smooth premier on a free-to-play model.

    Respawn took solid visuals, gun mechanics, and sound design from Titanfall and made a game that will feed players back into the Titanfall universe. I REALLY want that for Planetside because I think PS2 is still one of the best looking and best balanced shooter games I have ever sacrificed my sleep-time to play.

    I hope Daybreak can offer something solid and fun on a small scale, and not rely on the more-players-at-once gimmick.
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