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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by inacraft, Feb 3, 2019.

  1. Hello !

    I try the closed beta today and it's was so cool but i played the game with 60 fps or less.
    I want to know if the game gonne be more optimized in the future ?
  2. Might help if you share your specs so they have an idea what you are working with. I was running at 90 FPS with whatever default settings are, and my newest piece of hardware in my computer is 3 years old.
  3. I play with a Nvidia geforce GTX 950, 16go RAM and a intel core i5-6400 2,70 GHz.
    And i run the game at 60 fps with low and medium config and a very low resolution.
  4. I have similar issues, my system is quite solid: GTX 1080, I7 8700k @ 4.3GHz, 16 Gb RAM.
    Most of the time i can get to 90 fps with ease on low settings but the game is just stuttering all the time, its just no smooth experience. PS2 runs fine even in the large fights while PSA is crippling me when im driving around in an empty area.
  5. Same specs, same problem, but 8 gb RAM
  6. Same here, on gigabyte GTX 1080 (no OC, using old drivers & msi afterburner monitoring utility), i5 6600k (stock overclock), 16 GB ram (vendor approved, factory OC), intel SSD, stable system temps, on mostly high settings but game performs worse than PS2 on ultra, and PS2 in giant fights where FPS dips below 60 fps still feels playable and can still aim well enough.
  7. Just a heads up also, if you are experiencing massive stuttering issues, make sure Recursion is full closed down, and also run a malware detection (such as Malware Bytes). I had an issue with Arma 3 awhile back where a piece of malware was interacting with battle eye causing severe hitching.

    If its steady, but low frames, then the above is most likely not your culprit.
  8. Ouch man, Sorry about your performance, might be some background programs running interfering. I've got a GTX 1060 6gb, I-5 7600K at 3.8ghz and 16gb ddr4 ram. And with it ive got steady 80fps on all High, 60 on ultra

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