The Pain Field

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  1. Can we name it something different?
  2. jgolenbo Community Manager

    Whatcha have in mind???
  3. How about Nanite Force Shield?
  4. Dead Zone. "Dead Zone Increasing"
  5. This would work. Thematically you could say its nanites that are out of control. Example story is here
  6. jgolenbo Community Manager

    dotcom - I like that. Will pass it on. Team has definitely been playing around with "nanite force shield" concepts.
  7. Higby Tempest !!!
  8. Depends on the lore behind it, I suppose.

    If it's nanites gone bad, I think it'd make more sense semantically if it was ala "Nanite Swarm" or the like.
    Could also tie in with why there's mercenaries there to begin with; why are they on Auraxis after the Auraxian War?
    Could it, by any chance, be that Nanite Systems effed it all up by creating said Nanite Swarm, which caused the ultimate demise of all 3 factions, with the remainders of each force banding together in the orbital satellites out of reach of the swarm, with mercernaries dropping down to hunt for ressources to keep the survivors aloft, killing each other to ensure greatest personal gain?

    Come to think of it, of the brainfarts smelling about my skull, that's probably the better one.
    The other is more of an Unreal Tournament esque "Terra reestablished the wormhole, reabsorbed the Auraxian Terran Republic, Vanu Sovereignty escaped into deep space, and the New Conglomerates were given the freedom to fight for monetary gain, while entertaining the Terran populace.".
    In which case Pain Field would work nicely, given the Orwellian shtick.
  9. "Nanite deconstruction matrix"?

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