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  1. There are others that can probably attest to this, and hopefully this is already on your team's radar, but I've only seen one other post regarding it so for the sake of thoroughness, I'll make my own post.

    I had a couple of close wins completely thwarted by people teaming. Teaming is when multiple players coordinate likely via out-of-game voice chat in order to group up in a game that's specifically meant for solo play only in order to use their numbers advantage to get easy wins. They will then trade wins with their friends so they can climb the leaderboards and all the other advantages that come from placing well/winning.

    I know it isn't explicitly spelled out as being against the rules anywhere that I could see, but I'm fairly certain that those caught doing this should just outright be banned. If they had the presence of mind to do this on the very first day of closed beta... I don't think I need to keep the soap box out to get my point across here.

    This is a Battle Royale specific problem that's not unique to PlanetsideArena. I would highly recommend this be addressed as soon as possible and that players be made aware through a blurb while they're waiting for a match to start that it's cheating and bannable.

    I will be submitting a couple of names I picked up from Spectator in my report to administration. I would highly recommend to anyone that if you see this happening that you write down those names, take screenshots, whatever you need to do. As a community we have an obligation to work together to help make this the best gaming experience possible for everyone.
  2. Agreed
  3. Roxxlyy Community Manager

    I just replied to another post, but yes, it is most definitely against the rules of a Solo BR match and is a form of cheating - doing so will have consequences, including banning.
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  4. It'll be better once teams are allowed, just day 1 and people naturally wanted to play with their friends.
  5. I don't see why it's such a big deal, teaming up was a big part of surviving in many battle royales, but I see how it can go against the intention of having a fast paced game.
  6. It's a big deal because they are teaming in solo mode. Solo is meant for 1v1v1v1 free for all. Teams are meant for the teams mode. It's breaking the rules and cheating to team up.
  7. Sure, I'm just pointing out how "rules" seem rather arbitrary in this case. Precompiled teams just don't get the same spicy flavor of being potentially betrayed by your allies in any second.
  8. Let´s keep our pitchforks in the barn and the church in the village. Calling for an outright ban as step 1 is blowing things WAY out of proportion.

    The main reason people teamed was because there was no team mode, and they most likely tried the beta at the same time as their friends while being on ts/discord/etc. Naturally people will want to have fun together, with their friends.

    As soon as team mode comes, this will very likely drastically reduce. Even if it doesn´t, let´s chill with the lust for revenge and punishment with going straight to banning. It´s not cheating, it´s just a ****** thing to do and it will go away once people have an outlet, e.g. team mode. Does this game want to start into the market with "play our game but only the way we expressly want it or else you will be banned outright even though you spent money to purchase the game"?

    Relax and take a chill pill people
  9. That was kind of why I had suggested posting a blurb that told the player when they queued that teaming in solo is not permitted.

    Regarding "play our game but only the way we expressly want it or else you will be banned outright even though you spent money to purchase the game"
    - I'm pretty sure that's how most games work. You break the rules, you don't get to play. Money gets you a ticket to the table, not the privilege to break the rules because you 'wanna have fun'.
    - When you break the rules to have fun, you take the fun away from others who may very well quit the game because the rules they paid for are not being upheld. This sort of thing can be analogous to countless other examples.
    - Ethically I have a problem with people who's day 1 gut reaction is to instead of patiently wait for team mode and respect the game to instead completely butcher solo players for sport. It's premeditated cheating.

    - I can agree with you that day 1 with no team mode was a recipe for folks to do teaming. Does that make it okay? No.
    - Will this go away just because there's a team mode coming? Definitely not.
    - In my opinion, banning should be step 1 if there is sufficient evidence. We have way too many cheaters out there in the world and its partly because developers may be going too easy on them. By not taking an aggressive stance even on the very first day of a closed beta sends a clear message to people that they can get away with cheating and exploiting so long as they aren't caught, and even if they are they'll just get a slap on the wrist.

    To be real here, I didn't pay to play this game for people to team me in solo. Lost a couple of close games because I was against a team in the final 5. To tell me to relax is to say you didn't experience that for half of day 1 closed beta. You don't know how it feels to survive to the very end to have your time wasted like that. Kick 'em, ban 'em. They have no respect for others so how can we expect them to be positive contributors going forward?
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