"Tanarus" Styled Game Mode

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  1. Recently, I discovered an old Tank simulator created by SOE in the late 1990s - Tanarus - exists, and that it's technically the first game ever created in the PlanetSide franchise on account of creating the iconic tanks, including the Lightning, Prowler, Magrider, and Vanguard. It revolved around picking different tanks like you would a class - with each filling a unique role or niche - and then battling over control points that supplied power to your vehicles.

    Including a Tanarus style of game mode in PlanetSide Arena would be a great way to bring everything full-circle, as Tanarus is from the same era of classic arena shooters that PlanetSide Arena is aiming to emulate. As another throwback to PlanetSide's roots, the game mode could use an early concept name for Tanarus: "Armorgeddon."
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  2. Holy ****! i haven't heard that game in a long long time and have been looking for a replacement! this would be a great gamemode...

    lol edit "the word edited out was even safe for a mormon to say"

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