Steel rain

Discussion in 'Future Modes' started by ximias, Feb 16, 2019.

  1. TL; DR:
    Spawn in drop pod. Free for all. Circle shrinks based on server pop. No loot, but nanites and terminals. No death timer, just drop pod.

    I was thinking up an action packed gamemode. One where death is of little consequence, and you can drop in and out of at your whim, and came up with a scenario like this:

    You spawn in a drop pod high in the sky.
    You steer it towards The Ascent, as you came out close, and the base makes for good fun.
    You would have liked to be at Toxic, as it is great for sneaking up on people, but RNG deposited you around the center.
    Besides, the circle is pretty small, as there are not many people playing at the moment, so most of Toxic is out of reach.
    On you way down, you spot people fighting at some of the usual places, by the tunnel entrances.
    You head for the jump pads to have a little time to orient yourself.
    After touching down, you and your trusty NS Pilot hunt around for some nanites and a terminal.
    You place Beepy, to watch your back while collecting a few nanites. Just enough for the MKV supressed.
    People are fighting near the equipment terminal, so no fancy tools for now.
    No matter, stealth and the initial loadout has gotten you far before.
    Just your pilot and a resto kit.
    Some people go for grenades or extra nanites in their second slot. They have no confidence.
    Sneaking around to some of the tunnel entrances, you find that the fight has ended.
    The victor is looting the nanites of the poor fool, looking in the other direction. Perfect.
    You decide to go for it....
    You hear a nearby "beep beep beep" as his turret locks on to you.

    You spawn in a drop pod high in the sky.
    And you didn't even get to use the resto kit! No matter. Maybe one of the smaller bases this time.

    I know there probably is quite a slim chance to actually see this mode in the game, but here you are! It might spawn some ideas of its own. Use it or don't. Mangle it into something completely unrecognizable, just make it fun ;)

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