Medic Steady Hands doesn't feel impactful

Discussion in 'Classes' started by Tython, Feb 18, 2019.

  1. During the last beta session I was fortunate enough to get to try more than one class. I tried the Assault first (which feels really good overall), and opening a crate took a long time.

    Next I tried Medic. Got to a crate and opened it.

    While Steady Hands did provide a small reduction in opening time, it didn't feel significant. Maybe 7 seconds opposed to 10. It's clearly a bonus there but it's not big enough to feel significant. If you have 7 seconds to spare opening a box, you probably have 10 seconds to spare opening said box.

    Granted I don't have any hard numbers, this is solely based on feel. I think Steady Hands could use a big buff. Right now it feels like ~30% reduction. It could stand to be closer to 50-60%, since medics don't have much else going for them by way of passives.

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