Spotting Infantry with Q shouldn't exist in BR

Discussion in 'Battle Royale' started by Doom721, Jan 30, 2019.

  1. Did it by accident, it doesn't make sense in BR to be able to spot enemies on the map when the whole premise of the game mode is to outmaneuver and outgun your opponent. Vehicle auto-spotting I can understand, but not infantry spotting in this mode.
  2. Agreed
  3. I found it odd especially in solo mode that your character would actually yell their call out. To whom were you looking to share that information with if you're alone!?

    I'm pretty sure the callout gave up my position once. lol
  4. Nah, I like the infantry spotting. Gives it a different flair than all the other BRs. You can sacrifice stealth (due to the shout out) for awareness and vice versa.

    I mean, do you really want a copy paste of other BRs? Let them have their creative freedom and the larger masses will decide. But this isn´t a beta test bug that needs fixing just because a few people don´t like being spotted
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  5. Man, it's so hard to find a good situation where 3D spotting wouldn't just be overpowered for the person spotting. I really enjoy vehicles being 3D spotted because you're actually sacrificing stealth for maneuverability.

    With just a voice callout giving you away I'm not sure that would be enough of a sacrifice for literally being able to see what your enemy is doing behind cover. Especially in the scenario where you're far enough away that they can't hear you. There would need to be a more tangible drawback such as possibly allowing the player you spot to also see you on the minimap or something.

    I just feel like 3d spotting going against the maneuverability and flanking emphasis the game seems to have with the jetpacks. It'd be fun to test it for a beta session though and see what it feels like - perhaps it would add more to the game.
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    Thanks Doom - definitely something we're looking at, it's an observation that's popped up in a few threads
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  7. I did like the spotting, helped the team I was in see where the enemy was, then took out the guys who came to stalk me, happened with one team. So a good team tactic, maybe just take it out of solo play. The again, even in solo play that could be a way to set an ambush.
  8. It actually does have its trade offs . . .I had at least 2 matches where an enemy call out gave me a hint that an enemy was in a location that I did not realize . . . Its kinda pointless in solo BR, but in teams, I say let it stay. It only puts it on map, it doesn't mark them like they do in PS2.
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  9. I also like the spotting, as its been said its just on the map, not 3D spotting like in PS2. They hear you yell and your team gets a better idea of what you see. Not bad here as if you really felt you were in danger can always just call a vehicle to relocate (it spots you yes but it still allows you to drive into new buildings/rocks and hide yourself again). Spot itself doesn't seem to last long, if they spot you while close by, then you really know where they are due to hearing the call out, if they spot you far then they already know where you are anyways and you will know once bullets start flying, not much different.
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  10. After further thought, I think they should change it to match some other games, where instead of showing the soldier on the map for next 5 seconds, instead put an X on the map where your cross hairs were . . . Could be used not only to call out enemies, but point towards next cover or something of that matter. Again, not a 3D spotting, but a quick way to mark maps, but not show exaclty where an enemy is/facing would be a nice middle ground.
  11. To spot or not to spot that is the question - Spotting to give your position of one team mate is a good Tactic, so the other two can take who comes for him specifically - Most people would go for the guy who was spotted. We do that in PS2. Moving from place to another cardinal direction should be used, but only if your on foot. If you are using a vehicle your already on the Map. and everyone knows your direction of travel. If I spot a guy when engaged and my other teams can take him out while he is chasing me that is already a tactic I have seen in game. In the end, I see no harm in spotting, if the team agrees when and how to use it to their advantage. I prefer choice to spot or not to spot.
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  12. I like spotting, as long as it's not in a solo mode.
  13. The lack of spotting was actually the weirdest thing for me, coming from PS2.

    I think team game modes require spotting in order to still feel like Planetside. Spotting is a core gameplay mechanic of Planetside and PSA feels weird without it.

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