Space battle

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  1. This game mode takes inspiration on the space battle of StarWars Battlefront 2 (the good one).

    The goal in this game mode was to capture or destroy all the modules of the ennemie capital ship

    Each team has 1 capital ship.
    The capital ship would be the bastion fleet carrier.

    Here is the feature of the Bastion fleet carrier:
    Along the bastion fleet, 5 modules are place and they need to be destroy by the ennemie team. Once a module is destroy it can’t be repaired
    The module would be :
    1 repair module (repair destroyed module & turrets)
    2 shield module (provide shield to the turrets and other module (shield can the destroy but will regenerate while the shield module is alive))
    1 reactor (no particular function on this)
    1 radar (spot incoming space craft in the certain radius around the bastion)
    In order to defend the modules some AA turrets would be place on the bastion. As well maybe on or Two ION canon to serve as siege weapon against the ennemie capital ship.
    All the turrets would be destroyable from the outside but would be repairable from the inside of the ship. If the turrets gets destroy while being maned the player in the turrets dies.
    You can navigate to the current with F1 to F12 or by switchings seats in the bastions. All the seats would be located in the same room with the player or seat being occupied clearly visible.

    The bastion would also have a capturable points (1 or 3) & SCU what need to be capture & destroy by the ennemie team.

    The bastion fleets would also have big hangar to deploy space craft such as Galaxy, Valkyries, Lib and (reaver / mosquito / scythe or a NS version of solo space fighter)
    Those vehicle would be deployable by the several vehicle terminal.

    The hangar can be invaded by the other team with some galaxy / talk drop. Invading the hangar allow you to destroy the vehicle terminal, therefore limite the amount of space fighter, as well as deploy troop to destroy the SCU and capture the point.

    By default, the hangar would only let ally spacecraft to go through but destroy a small module from the outside around the shield gate of the hangar will allow enemy spacecraft to go throughas well this modules will be repair overtime as long as the repair module is still alive.

    There is several victory conditions which are :
    Destroy all the modules of the ennemie capital ship + the SCU
    Capture the ennemie Feet Carrier by capturing all the point.

    During the game, the bastion slowly rotate around each other and also get closer to one another to facilitate the invasion of the ennemie capital ship

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