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  1. So i got this notice today...... What is happening?

    Hello ***REDACTED***,

    We are contacting you about your purchase of PlanetSide Arena content.
    In preparation of the launch of 'PlanetSide Arena' this summer, all users are being granted a full refund of their initial purchase of the game and any associated DLC. The PlanetSide Arena Team would like to thank you for all of your support. Keep an eye out for a big announcement from the PlanetSide Arena team in the coming weeks!
    An email will be sent to you when your refund has been processed. Please check your Steam Wallet to confirm the correct amount has been refunded.
    Please contact Steam Support if you have any questions and we’ll be happy to assist you.
  2. They refunded it because they had to move the release date again and didn't want to look like they took peoples money and never release a product. There might also be that they had to change some of the content in the pre-order packs and that giving a refund to all would be a better way of changing stuff without people going crazy. Now they have the freedom of doing whatever they want with the content and not have people rage at them. Well this is what i think anyway. Might be totaly wrong. (This was written on a phone so sorry for the typoes, can't be asked to fix)

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