Need more squad leader features from PS2

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  1. Have been running as a vocal squad leader since launch. We definitely need more features brought over from PS2 to help the SL.

    1. I normally have a pre-made squad of around 4 to 8 people most evenings with the remainder being filled with randoms. Even with 8 people in my squad there are occassions when I'm not given the SL role. This is highly frustratrating as I have to see if the random SL has a mic, see if he wants to lead, if not, is he willing to put down way points for me. It's a real ball ache.

    2. Leading on from point 1, we need the ability to switch SL's or 'request' leadership. Not only that, we need to be able to remove people from the squad or ban them from being in your squad in future sessions while online. I've expericenced a few people being rude to others, insulting them and at my age of 46 I would rather not have to play with these types of people in my squad. I know I can mute them, which is something I guess.

    3. We need a ranking system, I have a feeling this might be coming in the future but as an SL it's hard to know if I have 11 noobs with me or 11 more experienced players. A 'Battle Rank' system' like PS2 would definitely allow me to engage with my squad in the correct way i.e do I need to explain how things work at the start and throughout the game, do I need to make the initial squad play tatics at little more conservative rather that all out aggressive for a better **** experience.

    (PS2 player, most nights for five years! Platoon leader most nights for 3 years, Outfit leader on NC Miller.)
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  2. Good evening guys

    While playing as a premade squad we figured out that,
    We really need a way to select our squad leader most squad leader we are given even if we que as a Group... are Inactives.

    May we suggest a Vote at Beginning of the Match for Squad Leader
    -Or Make the Squad leader the person who queued with the Biggest Team
    May we also have an option During the Match to Ask for New Squad Leader
    We have encountered multiple Squad Leaders That does not lead and place marker for Every Imaginable Reasons
    Some people will gladly pass the Squad lead to someone in our group, others will simply not pass it down for unknown reasons since they simply don't reply in voice or text chat.
    Everyone is free to do whatever they want as they please in game but it just make it chaotic to play as a group when this sort of things happen with current system.

    Thanks you very much for you attention we are waiting the hordes of players and we wish you best of luck to all for the awesome years to come!

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