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Discussion in 'Classes' started by Kiel, Jan 30, 2019.

  1. I'm a hardcore NC player on ps2. Seeing that I can only earn TR based weapons from the battle pass kinda disappointed me. Are there plans in the future to further develop each of the 3 factions into the game and we'll have the ability to choose which one we want to play as?
  2. From my understanding, other faction weapons should gradually make their way over, however factions are officially dead in this game so however weapon unlock in other game modes outside of BR has yet to be seen.
  3. The factions may be dead, but I like to subtly think that the Vanu Sovereignty won the war.

    - No destroyed Vanu vehicles anywhere that I could find. (Note the tank graveyard only has prowlers and vanguards).
    - Voice callouts when spotting as engineer at least are basic Vanu voice pack.
    - When hit by the pain field you receive the Vanu restricted area voice line.

    This whole game is just a simulation created by the pappa Vanu to test their new technologies. Teehee.
  4. It would be literally impossible for the NC to die. They are immune to the spandex wearing alien wannabes. Freedom or death and I don't see freedom yet so that means we're still kicking.
  5. Roxxlyy Community Manager

    I can't give too much away, but as time goes on you'll be seeing more bits and pieces from the defunct factions and the war reveal themselves.
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  6. I would just say that as a very long time PS2 / PS1 player, I find I want to kill my Non TR team mates because of the color of their armor. and while I know factions are gone in this game, maybe there could be some kind of faction setup that you could add, and allow say a all TR, NC, or VS Team to assemble, as a NOT random team of 3 factions, but an all NC, VS, or TR Team.

    I know if I was at the local TR Bar, chilling, looking for Mercenary work I would be inclined to sit and have a drink with my TR Buddies.
  7. Wait a minute, is this means that PlanetSide Arena is the Suite of PlanetSide 2 storyline and that the Terran Republic is become victorious ?
  8. Just a theory, but I think the founder's season will stay TR only, the following season should be NC, and the third one should be VS. Just storyline wise, it would kind of make sense. If we become even more adventurous, we can maybe expect the fourth season to focus on robotic NS items...? If the story is what I believe it might be, I'm really excited to see it play out through the seasons :)
  9. I like the theory. @gladeare

    Although I still think there might be a few things from NC or VS popping up in the founder's season battle pass.

    TR only would be fine with me because It's the first faction I've played on PS2 and I stuck with them, absolutely love them. :)

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