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  1. Overall the test was a lot of fun but some of the gimmicks were too much, to the point they undermined the game. Some examples of what I mean by that:

    - Grenades, both thrown and underbarrel launchers. There are so many types and what you get is random. The effects are all pretty cool, but these should be ammo types bought with nanites at the terminals so the player can readily understand what they are getting. Several times I was under fire and didn't even know what kind of nade or weapon I had grabbed. Found underbarrel launchers and grenades should be conventional explosives so there is some consistency.

    - Default knife, the Ameratsu. I really think the game would be better served if we started with something else, even a conventional knife would be better. New players won't understand the Ameratsu and dropping in with just that feels weird. If you are going to give us a ranged weapon it may as well be one of those cool new pistols. We are mercs, it makes sense we would drop in with sidearms at least. You aren't going to ruin BR mode by doing this, it could be quite intense especially with limited ammo.

    - Class skills, the random nature of upgrades really undermines consistent gameplay, consider letting us buy them with nanites instead. Assault's dash ability is way too slow to recharge, it is buggy and the spike totem thing just doesn't work very well. Medic and Engineer both feel pretty overpowered in comparison, their abilities are pretty good and relative to each other they seem well balanced. Personally I would love to trade the assault's totem for something like a brick of C4 from PS2.

    That is all I can think of for now but I hope it came across as constructive.
  2. Agreed about the assault dash recharging very slow, too slow to be effective, while medics can self & AoE heal and engies can fortify any hill and get alert system with a turret. I tend to enjoy changing classes and using all classes in a game, but this one stuck to medic since it offers so much.
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    Appreciate the feedback!

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