Game Features which improves the game and earnings.

Discussion in 'Suggestions' started by Pra3torian, Feb 28, 2019.

  1. Feature 1: Player Hub spawn room, the place from where player can press Play from a terminal or simply from interface. Would be cool if you guys could can make that hub spawn room instanced to player only, like path of exile game has, where player can have it's own" hideout " , and there could place throphies gathered from battles or achievements. Could be a nice way for daybreak to sell skins and such which can be placed on that room. So player can ornate his battle room as he likes, either with real money, or through gameplay, some stuff should only be obtained hard through gameplay.Example: Wall banners, achievement props, other ornament props which can be bought with DB cash to ornate Hub spawn room. Daybreak can also sell crates where Rare , Epic, or legendary props can be obtained from, and place them in the room. This is a great way for daybreak to earn money without destroying the actual game.

    Feature 2:
    Would be cool if u guys can make better sounds and effects when the bullet touches the hitbox of player. Please make really amazing impact bullet sounds, which will improve the game by a lot, " a specific "game" has grown in success like 50% only because of this aspect " , the impact of bullets is so rewarding, you feel it when u hit the player.

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