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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by AlcyoneSerene, Feb 3, 2019.

  1. Some point form thoughts having played it 3 beta test sessions now, with 3165+ hours in planetside2, with positive, negatives, and neutral points:

    + Enjoying the graphics, antialiasing or edge smoothness much better than PS2
    + Mic audio goes through clean while in PS2 players often report poor audio despite good mic
    + Vehicle physics, enjoyed driving the flash & harasser with more realistic grip and gravity
    + No IFF/spot markers on enemies, enhancing realism and flanking opportunities

    - 1-to1 aim responsiveness, not 100% sharp or snappy as in PS2, as if using a mouse with slight positive acceleration, floating cursor a tiny bit
    - Gun properties like recoil seems simplified, not as rewarding to control and fire as in PS2
    - Tiny bit of FPS hitching at times but does not adversely impact aim: PS2 in similarly sparse environment at ultra graphics seems to run somewhat smoother
    - Repetitive gameplay, lack of diverse team interactions as in arena shooters with many classes and abilities

    ~ Sense of distance seems different, things appear somewhat farther away but not harder to see: fits PSA well, but not if it were ported to PS2
    ~ Current game mode, battle royale solo or team, not my preference, long lobby wait for too little action
    ~ Graphic color richness/saturation enjoyable where appropriate, but could use some adjustments in certain areas, generally toned down and less color-rich to preserve sci-fi realism
  2. + Balanced fights: possibly due to region locks and/or lack of cheating and exploiting of ping as is rampant in PS2, no observed teleporting or choppiness of player positioning or sense of fighting someone whose actions have up to an entire second of an advantage
  3. - game performance (FPS) seems worse than PS2 considering how sparsely populated PSA is: contrary to what I said earlier, it does greatly impact ability to aim; PS2 seems more resilient in low FPS scenarios to preserve crosshair responsiveness
    - burst damage received from invisible bullets just like in PS2
    - frequent crashes to desktop and momentary or permanent game freezes after dying requiring Alt-F4 or closing the game from taskbar

    + 3 player teams became more fun with cooperating over voice and setting survival strategies as the Circle shrinks
  4. jgolenbo Community Manager

    Thanks Alcyone, really appreciate you taking the time to leave all this feedback! Hope to see ya during tomorrow's playtest :)

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