Did anyone recive a beta key ?

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Wal_Lord, Feb 2, 2019.

  1. Hey guys,

    i was just wondering. How many of you guys recived a beta key and should DBG give away more keys ?

    I think they probably should there was no game i joined today with 270+ players. Im kinda concerned about massive clash. if only 250 Players attend its not gonna be that massive. Still impressive but not what it could be.

    Share your thoughts

    Cheers :)
  2. Keep in mind that is only for that instance, not the total number of players currently playing the game.
    A better determinant would be how soon you join a lobby and to you deploy, and the number of players there.

    For me, most were in the 280+ range, and average wait was around 1 minute or 2. Even had match where I died almost immediately (I played solo in team), and joined a lobby right after with 150 players waiting.

    Considering it's early days, I think that's quite good. I'm actually getting into matches quicker than I did in Quake Champions. ;P
  3. Fair enough :D
  4. jgolenbo Community Manager

    Hey Wal - we'll be distributing more keys in the near future, but this week we're focused on solving some of the server stability issues we saw over the weekend before we go back out wide. Not something unexpected during Closed Beta. Just making sure we take the right steps forward as we look to increase match sizes heading into Massive Clash.
  5. Hey Wal_Lord,
    just wanted to tell you that i received some beta-code on Feb 1st.
    So far I am not sure, if this is my own code since the game was added to steam automatically.
    But for sure, if it is an additional code, I will give it to one of my planetside 2 outfit members. After all we have to rock the arena ;)
  6. Thanks for the answers :D
    @jgolenbo i´m happy to hear that. And i think you are right. There are some networkerros to be fixed but i hope that soon all the issues are solved :)
    And i think most players are hyped for the Massive Clash mode. I can´t wait for it :D
    Have a great day :D
  7. jgolenbo Community Manager

    You too my dude!

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