Devs should focus on getting a small scale "lobby shooter" mode out before launch.

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by UncleKalashnikov, Feb 11, 2019.

  1. PSA is not likely to attract the BR crowd with all of the oversaturation, and now with AL out I see very little chance. Myself and many included bought PSA for the promise of smaller modes like CTF in smaller formats such as 6v6, 12v12, etc coming out after launch. I really do think with the current climate they should reshift their priorities to get these modes out before launch instead of after, to set itself apart from other BRs and Planetside 2 itself. A lot of people have been wanting a way to play Planetside in a smaller scale and more competitive way without the hassle of using the Jaeger server.
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  2. They are really ****** now trying to use BR in any capacity now that AL has attracted like what? 25million people? There is no hope of riding on a paid BR against a free one like AL. Switch to the small modes or massive clash, just anything but BR, you will be dead on launch banking on BR now, any interest in this games BR is forgotten now with AL. If something doesn't change soon, I'll even be refunding, no point in owning a dead game.
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  3. Are you guys suggesting that people would like options? How dare you. People paid for Planetside Arena for the unique battle royale experience it offers. Nobody wants to play Planetside and bother with that ******** respawning feature that is so antiquated. Why play a polished exquisite **** like Apex Legends with it's smooth gameplay and genre redefining features...

    Ok I can't keep my head straight with that sarcasm anymore. Good luck getting the devs to respond let alone listen to you though. I only know them to do what daddy Daybreak says will make the big bucks. Like $3 cosmetic helmets that only work on one class. So right now, Battle Royale puts the dollar signs in the executives eyes, that's what the devs deliver.

    So forget your 6v6 or 12v12 which would be vastly easier to design and implement than anything they've tried before and I'll forget about Massive clash just being a lobby MMO shooter with no ****** faction balancing because no factions. I think that's all the salt in my shaker for now lol.
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