BR Solos Day 1 Thoughts on the BR mode

Discussion in 'Battle Royale' started by Karina, Jan 30, 2019.

  1. So, how does everyone feel about the day 1 of the Beta?

    Personally I feel like auto knowing where a vehicle is on the map (occupied ones anyway) takes some fo the excitement out of it.

    And, while I'm not a huge BR fan myself it does seem like self heal is a little odd to have on 2 classes but not the 3rd (engies).
  2. Flash cooldown needs an increase.
    You should not be able to summon flash after taking damage for 5-10 secs or more.
    Also should not be able to summon in while falling down to prevent massive damage.
    Some people also said they cant view around their tempest while riding it compared to the flash.
  3. Seems like the flash / personal cooldown gets longer if you've used it a lot recently.

    Tempest needs a rework in terms of functionality. It differs so much from the flash and the harasser in Arena and it isn't explained you need to use mouse movement like a PS2 magrider. Plus it tends to roll over far too often.

    Shield/Tool/Ability upgrades need to be auto-picked up. The loot spam is real and trying to equip someones ability items often leaves you picking up guns. Usually you are very "set" on your guns after a certain amount of time in the match anyways, looting often is a disaster of items.

    Some bugs with UI elements not showing up to tell me what looted items are, makes it hard to discern what I'm going to pick up but that is more of a bug report than anything.

    Engy is really powerful if you play him right. That wall and spitfire can really help you in short/mid fights because you can just reposition and throw a new wall up.

    Performance is great for me, but with my specs ( 4.7ghz i7, 2080ti, 1080p, ssd ) it should be.

    Best in class BR by far. Vehicles on the map only adds a layer of tactics. Do I want to move fast and be seen/heard, or do I want to move slower and hidden?
  4. I agree that occupied vehicles should not be shown on the mini-map. Or at least they should be toned down a bit - maybe only make them visible when they are audible.

    Spotting in Solo seemed less than useless, more like suicidal. I did it once and immediately regretted my decision. I understand it's there for team modes, I just wonder if it's out of place in a mode that relies heavily on stealth. An automated spot on enemies that are tracked for a second would be much nicer as long as it was much, much quieter.

    The guns felt and sounded great. And I liked the pick-up entities. They look sharp. Are they randomly placed each match (besides the items projected, I mean the modules). I ask because I found one on the side of an ammo tower, and I thought that strange.

    I also struggled with the secondary fire on the weapons. I knew it would likely be the same as Planetside 2 (reselect the same weapon number to get secondary) but I've never been much of a secondary weapon user in PS2, so it was clunky for me. Does B work? I didn't try it. That would be nice since it would just be a single bind - being a mouse-wheel guy, that works much better.

    Was not a fan of the low level Vandal. The iron-sites on it make it near useless IMO. I feel like a 1x Reflex on the lowest tier Vandal and a 3.4x on the highest would serve it much better in that role.

    The Orange Crates' (don't know their actual name) emissive glow seems too bright. It shines through most building for quite a long way. I would keep it's radiance, but decrease it perimeter. The sound was a bit loud too. I just think they should take a little more scouring. I was able to roll into a POI and know if one was in the vicinity immediately.

    I know it's a strain on the engine, but small cover needs a longer draw distance. It's no fun thinking you're hidden in a bush only to be picked at by someone who simply sees you crouching on the ground in the distance.

    The map and the visuals were outstanding. Even my old dog of a computer (i5-3750 @ 3.6ghz, GTX 970, 8gb ram) was able to squeeze out 60 frames most of the time. I never saw a drop below 50 except when spectating. Spectating was extremely choppy for me.

    As Doom721 pointed out, the Tempest lays over way too easy. Especially after going over big jumps. It would be nice if the hard turning was bound to higher speeds.

    Also, as Doom721 suggested, auto pick-ups for upgrades dropped by players would be great - keeping the action fast paced. Sweep up what you need and keep running, or stop to compare and pick up weapons.

    I sat through 2 matches I lost because I thought "Logout" meant Logout, and not "Leave Match". I figured it out only after I got to the point of deciding I'd just try to relog into the game and found out it just kicked me to the main menu. A join "Join New Match" would be outstanding - allowing a tighter game loop for the players.

    I assume you know that spectating a player shows an incomplete HUD. None of the icons show their current status.

    Were the Galaxies doing the air drops? I couldn't tell - they were so high up. It would be cool to have them lower (if they are indeed doing the air drops). I understand pathing around the spire is probably an issue.
  5. Even like this best BR mode I have played.
    Love it. (bugs reported in bugs forum)
  6. I actually don't like it, I am not fan of Battle Royal Mode. But it could grow on me. This has alot of potential.

    One thing i don't like is how fast the field restricts on the first go. Out away from
    everyone else looking for gear and the field restricts and you don't have enough
    time or speed to get to the safe area so you are force to play near the safe area
    the entire match of every match.

    Second. I agree about the vehicles showing on the radar. They should only show
    up on radar if they are within a certain distance.

    And i hope they fix the latency on the servers. Notice Bullets not registering the
    right way for some weapons.
  7. Tbh, I cant see PSA having something unique and exciting in BR mode. BR mode in general is very questionable and barely related to PS gameplay. There is not much tactic/strategy, you do not choose/capture/protect position on the map - whole battle is mostly a rush into a circle. Really hope BR would not be the main focus.
  8. New Player AAR experience for my 1st day - Decided not to look at any tutorials or hints about the game on the forums, so went in blind for a really new player experience. Usually do not play BR games regularly. Some Pubg and Fortnight experience. I completed 15 matches total, 1st 3 matches died within 2 mins by enemy fire, NOT Fun, Not because I died, but because I could Not use spectate mode, and sitting at a screen till the match ends sucks. There was no clear way for me to get out of it. I Podded way too early the 1st few times so learned my mistake.

    I went to middle map of the map with the 4th or 5th team, and actually got to see the a bit of the world, really great job on the graphics, I wish PS2 looked that way. Performance in all fights seem excellent, Running on a AMD 2700x set at 4.123 Ghz, 16 gig ram, 2 m.2 ssds with a 43 in HDMI TV Setup using a Nividia EVGA 1070, Game was very smooth, Not sure of FPS as I did NOT have steam FPS Monitor set to on, and the Game Seems to have no Internal FPS Monitoring.

    If I could I would rather run the game out of steam with its own separate launcher.

    The Harasser seemed clunky to move, lot less speed and maneuverability than the PS2 versions, and I thought the look of it was a lot less graphical compared to PS2. So did NOT like the look of it. My gunner and I were killed by a rocket launcher, with 1 shot, from the back end of the harasser we were trying to kill with its top gun, so the top gun may not be a match against a rear seated player with a rocket launcher.

    The sled was like a VS Magrider, and was harder to control, maybe my Mouse setting were too high. I seemed to flip on the side a lot, worse than a PS2 ATV.

    Closing edge of the Map seemed a good speed, was able to keep ahead of it. Finding stuff was really easy, Not sure what the colors were for at 1st, but realized that Blue was better then Green. It seemed that people in most of my teams did not know when to drop, and some dropped so far away that there was no way to get them, so they wound up as solo players. I would suggest that the ship expel all Pods and projects them all to the same general area that the Team leader selects. Some team leaders did not know how to place a way point on the map, and one team Leader was not able to place a way point at all even though he knew how to. I had no problems with the way point system.

    Not sure how Team Leads are picked, looks pretty random to me, and I think for team mode you should be able to pass it to another player if they wanted it.

    I saw 2 teams working together, NOT against each other so suspect they were from a player group outside of the game using some other voice program to coordinate and communicate. Else why would they not shoot each other and both then shoot at a a different team jointly.

    In the last team, we had a guy leave the team, disconnect, and the teams communications stopped working. Weapons play was great, was surprise at the slower time to kill compared to PS2, but did manage to get a kill.

    Overall It was a fun experience, enjoyed it, but not sure how a new player unfamiliar to the PS2 / PS Arena would feel about it. Overall I had more wait times then play times at my very low experience level of the game play.

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