Closed Beta Update: February 10, 2019

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    Hey everyone,

    We were able to get the build wrapped up tonight and don’t want to delay getting it published to our Closed Beta servers for your feedback! As mentioned in previous posts, this is a full update with a LOT of changes; gameplay tuning, bug fixes, crash fixes, etc. The new update also includes some significant server infrastructure changes that are required in preparation for our Founds Season on 2/20. So while we have made a lot of improvements, there is a potential for some unexpected issues to surface once we begin testing the new update with higher server populations on the Closed Beta servers tomorrow.

    The North American and European Closed Beta servers will be unlocking during the following times:

    As usual, we want your feedback! So please take a moment to drop by after the playtest tomorrow and post any feedback or issues you may have encountered on the official forums:

    Below is the list of changes that have gone into the new update.

    Thank you again for your help and we look forward to seeing you in the arena!


    • Increased player run speed, strafe speed, and made changes in direction more responsive
    • Disabled player fall damage
    • When spectating a player, you now see elements of their UI such as life bars and weapons HUD
    • Added better indication to vehicles when occupied by teammates
    • Added new ring visual effect for sniper and scout rifles
    • Added new models for default and epic knives
    • Improved the weapon and ammo HUD element to show overheating and more consistent ammo placement when switching fire modes
    • Added ability upgrade animations to the ability bar HUD
    • Added HUD notifications when completing a challenge
    • Added a "Claim All Awards" button to the Challenges screen
    • In Customize, players can now rotate their character using the mouse
    • Improved the visual effects for the Engineer turret, Quads, Vanguard, shield impacts, jetpack, and pain field
    • Added better in-game messaging for various disconnect situations
    • Added new loading screens with tips and information on various game mechanics
    • Region select ping display now updates

    • Fixed an exploit that allowed members of a team to generate multiple instances of a vehicle
    • Kill feed now shows for all players in a match, instead of just those near the kill
    • Brightness settings can now be adjusted as intended
    • Players can no longer change their name when in the Bastion
    • Leaderboard and match end screens no longer display mismatched data
    • Players who are outside of the safe zone when it spawns will now be properly counted as outside of the safe zone
    • Picking up the Auraxium knife no longer empties the first inventory slot
    • Item pick-up sound effects now properly play when moving through water
    • Added more appropriate sound effects when shooting trees and striking trees and plants with a knife
    • Added sound effects for all class deployables (e.g. Engineer Turret)
    • Blast door audio now plays from the expected source area
    • Show FPS key (default: Alt+F) now functions properly
    • Minimap tiles are not loaded until the match has started
    • UI now temporarily hidden at the beginning of the drop pod sequence
    • Spectating a player who switches to and from scoped weapons should no longer cause camera issues
    • Spectated players should no longer occasionally appear to have a knife equipped when they are holding a gun
    • Corrected camera transitions when spectating a player who has zoom toggle enabled
    • Closing ESC menu when spectating no longer leaves users in a blurred state with no HUD
    • Specate UI no longer overlaps the compass on lower resolutions
    • Arrows to cycle which player you're spectating no longer appear when there are no other players to spectate
    • Match end screens now show before transitioning into Spectate mode
    • Slowed down XP messaging on match end screens for better readability
    • Slightly lowered the audio volume of certain UI elements that were a bit too loud
    • Fixed screen blur that could occur when spectating until ESC menu was opened and closed
    • Pressing ESC while searching for a game now exits the queue
    • Exit button on end screens now backs out to ESC menu instead of transitioning to main menu
    • Leaving the game during the Bastion drop sequence no longer causes your HUD to be missing in the following match
    • Leave Group button no longer displays when the user is not in a group
    • Loadouts: Pistol blueprints now properly show on the character model
    • Loadouts: Weapon blueprints already equipped to different slots cannot be highlighted or selected, and have a lighter halo than the blueprint in the current slot
    • Fixed misaligned jetpack particle effect for Engineer's Lieutenant class armor
    • Medic's AOE heal and restoration kit now reward XP as intended
    • Combined XP events on the end screens to reduce clutter
    • Press Any Key screen now responds to far more key inputs
    • Removed non-applicable Change Camera keybinding from ground vehicle options
    • Re-aligned some UI elements on various menus for improved user flow
    • In-game map no longer overlaps with the chat box
    • Defense Spike now plays the expected audio effect when damaging a player
    • Defense Spike tether now properly clears when entering a Flash
    • Tempest now takes some danage when colliding with objects
    • Harassers now despawn 45 seconds after being destroyed
    • Engineer deployable turret now appears to rotate when turning and firing
    • Character hand placement fixed on Decimator
    • Cleaned up reload animation for the NS Assault Rifle, NSX Daimyo, Striker Rocket Launcher, and T7 Mini-Chaingun
    • Aligned T7 Mini-Chaingun aim-down-sights animation
    • Striker Rocket Launcher model now consumes rockets as they are fired
    • Assault Rifle shows now properly leave behind scorch marks on objects
    • Re-sized the weapon tiles in the UI for improved fit
    • Male Lieutenant class armor now properly matches the female version
    • Fixed abnormal shadow effects that occurred on low and medium settings
    • Fixed numerous issues in the world including incorrect collision, clipping objects, mismatched textures, unlootable items, and inappropriate LODs
    • Fixed several issues that could cause client crashes
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