Character Sliding + Infinite Jump Jet

Discussion in 'Bug Reports' started by ItsRaisu, Oct 25, 2019.

  1. This video was from about a month ago but yesterday we saw the bug come back through a player named Tahjir and today another player named AlphaLynkes (if i recall correctly)

    Not entirely sure what the initial trigger was or specific details, but mine occurred after leaving a Vanguard and persisted across matches until my character died and got respawned. The video is a 12 minute clip with various parts sped up to 2-8x to cut it down to 4 minutes.

    Link to video:

  2. I have also encountered this sliding bug after leaving the summonable vehicule, make you unable to aim.
    If you go fast you slide as fast as you were going until you hit a wall, you can use jetpack and keep sliding after that.

    Even after death you keep sliding if I remember correctly
    so the only thing you can do is summon your vehicule and try to get the good speed and kill enemy without scope and Slide!

    I have also encountered a No Scope, bug without sliding.
  3. Yup this just happened to me too, i was able to aim my pistol but no other weapon, like i was using jetpack all the time.

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