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  1. Heyo! Just wanted to give some feedback after having played both BR modes.

    First, this game feels fast, which is awesome! The pacing this game has is way better than any other BR out there. Fast when you want, with plenty of those catch-your-breath moments too. You guys have made a BR that I find myself actually hitting play again with anticipation, well done!

    Awesome points:
    1. The mount feature is fantastic. Having it instantly pop and having mount variety feels cool. It increases the pacing and allows you to always have a mode of transportation, something super frustrating with other BR's. The additional fact that another person can hop onto your ride with you further adds to the feature.
    2. Everyone having a jet pack feels great. It allows everyone to have mobility, and creates more moments where you can fight with elevation. It creates a lot more variety in situations where you normally wouldn't have it, and allows you guys to go a bit more crazy with the map, further increasing the variety.
    3. Gunplay overall is great. Longer time to kill means less chances to instantly die which doesn't feel fun. Every gun to an extent feels viable so even if I have a pistol I'm not struggling completely in a fight.
    4. The amount of loot is probably the best I have seen in a BR game. There's plenty in pretty much every building location, lot's of legendary crates, and the airdrops seem to drop pretty frequently too. Balance-wise it seems everyone can get on equal footing loot-wise.
    5. The number of people in the team 300 BR mode felt awesome! No matter what the teams I was on had a fight, and there weren't too many slow moments. I was worried that having just three people on a team would feel off, but it actually felt pretty good.
    6. The types of grenades you guys have are soooooo nice. The regular grenade, the radiation grenade, the void grenade, and the orbital strike grenade feel great. I really like how the radiation grenade and the void grenade expand instead of opening right away, and the utility of the void grenade acting like both a smoke and a little bit of a conk grenade inside it is ingenious. The orbital strike grenade having a build up time is good, it creates situations where people move, and I never feel trapped from it due to the mount feature which is super important. Well done with these.
    Improvement points and opinions:
    1. The death animation and revive state could use improvement. It feels super abrupt and off when I die to instantly be on the ground like a pancake, regardless of the mode. When I need to be revived, it feels bad and boring to just be looking at my body waiting for my buddies to revive me. I want to look around, I want to see the action around me, and I don't want to be watching essentially nothing with a blood tinted screen.
    2. Gunplay overall felt good, yes. However the only thing I would improve is the strafing speed. It doesn't need to be bonkers fast, it just feels super slow compared to other games and feels out of place with the fast pace this game sets with its other mechanics. It would create a place for skill, which is always important in a FPS game, and combined with the fast pace of the game would definitely create interesting fights.
    3. Velocity damage feels bad. This game feels fast, but hopping off of a ride or even using the upgraded ability of the Assault does damage to you? I think there should be more of a threshold for this kind of damage. It makes me not want to upgrade my Assault or do cool things like hopping off my speedy ride when other mechanics are encouraging me to go fast.
    4. The Tempest improvements from the solo test were in the right direction, it feels a lot better. The only thing I would change now would be how the camera works. It lags behind where I'm turning my ride, which feels awkward to say the least. I believe it would feel more natural to either reduce the lag-time between turning your ride and the camera, or combine them altogether.
    5. Weapon variety and appearances aren't varied enough. I know it is early and that these will probably come with time, but man it's sometimes hard to tell what weapons are what without reading their descriptions, grenades especially. The number of different weapons also feels low, especially on the longer range side of things with the sniper and scout rifle. Again, these will probably come with time, but more would feel better, especially with the rarity system.
    6. Picking up items either feels wonky or bad at the moment. Some items overlap when I try to pick them up, and some get stuck in the terrain so I miss out on items I would've wanted. Perhaps reducing the item "hitbox" to what the item truly is? Maybe make it so that way items get highlighted when I mouse over them? Something so that way when my enemies die I don't have to bumble about while looting them.
    7. Class balancing felt good, but I think the Medic will be the go-to class due to how powerful it is, followed by the Assault. The Medic feels super tanky and almost a guaranteed win in most fights due to the amount of healing and shielding it can do. The Assault semi-similar in that distances won't matter due to the jet pack ability and then throwing down the healing/damage spike. The engineer is probably the most situational class, which means it will be chosen less. In teams this won't matter, but solos it will since the engineer has no ability related to self sustaining, only cover and additional damage. Not sure how to handle this, but it feels way better to play the Medic or Assault over the Engineer right now. Personal opinion.
    This game is probably going to be my favorite BR if I'm being honest. You guys have created a formula that resonates with how I like to play, truly fast when I want, slow when I want. I really look forward to what you guys do with this game, not just with the BR but with the other modes as well! Hope this feedback is useful!
  2. The Medic is def the number one class. Although the Engi seems way more powerful to me then the Assault as he has actual useful utility and the no healing is offset with medkits. (And squad mates in teams. Engineer is much more powerful in teams then solos, that's for sure.) I agree with everything else though.
  3. The death animation is really bad. The jarring feeling of death needs.... to be worked on. It lags, it feels really inconsistently laggy when you die.
  4. Valid points and echo most but this:

    You are dead. You don't get to look around and be recon for your team. Its on them to clear the area and save you. Yes, its boring, but IMO you shouldn't be able to assist your team when you are "unconscious".

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