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Discussion in 'Squads' started by Weavers73, Sep 20, 2019.

  1. The squads game mode is amazing but needs the ability to change squad leader. If you get some random leading who isn't leading the squad but someone else is willing to do so. It's very frustrating not being able to request leadership. I didn't see this feature or it wasn't obvious in my first 4 hours of play.

    (PS2 player, most nights for five years! Outfit leader on NC Miller.)
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  2. Dear god yes, please add this as soon as possible. BF5 had a good system where you could request orders and if they've not given you an order (waypoint) within X time limit it gives you squadleader.
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  3. Yes I had an interesting match today where someone was acting, for lack of a more technical or more elegant word, like a ******. Like lots of random groans, and noises. It is important to have a good squad leader. So yes, I would want this feature.
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  4. Agreed, this would be great!
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  5. Yes please. I only having 4 games played, queuing with friends. None of us want leadership, id love to give it to someone else.
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  6. Agreed as well. Especially since you can't see all your teammates' waypoints. Tbh, I see no reason for a "squad leader" if that's the only benefit to it. This is a battle royale, not planetside.
  7. Hi, guys
    We really need a way to select our squad leader

    May we suggest a Vote for Squad Leader once the match start?
    May we also have an option to Ask for New Squad Leader during the Match

    Thanks alot we are waiting the hordes of players best of luck fellow devs and players!!!!
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