2/12 Closed Beta Playtest

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by jgolenbo, Feb 11, 2019.

  1. jgolenbo Community Manager

    Hey all - updated the playtest times for our Closed Beta playtest on TUESDAY (2/12) - EU regional playtest timing has been corrected:
    • EU (February 12): 12PM - 3PM PST / 8PM - 11PM GMT
    • NA (February 12): 5PM - 8PM PST / 8PM - 11PM EST
    • APAC (February 13): 4AM - 7AM PST / 8PM - 11PM CST (China Standard Time - next day)
    Tuesday introduces a HUGE game update, with major tuning adjustments to movement, visual improvements, and a ton of bug fixes (full patch notes here). Hope to have everyone join us!
  2. Hello I hope that soon will be beta alpha planetside arena for 48 hours under the condition to have a character with experience of 4 years, from PlanetSide 2 to be eligible to participate in the planetside arena!.
    ...N7® .

    PlanetSide 2 :cool: for the ages!!!

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