1/31 Closed Beta - Tempest Changes

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  1. SCHRAMB0 Senior Game Designer

    Hello everyone,
    Some significant changes (and a bug fix!) went in today for the Tempest based on feedback from the last playtest and should be available for you to try out on the next playtest.
    • Removed the instant drop from the Tempest on dismount (you can now bail off with momentum akin to the flash)
    • Increased the turn rate for the Tempest. Should be FAR more drifty (Ken Block is jealous)
    • Greatly increase the vertical dampening when on the ground, Lowered the ride height slightly by reducing repulsor length, Greatly increased the thrust of the repulsors, removed the outrider repulsors
    All of those combine to change the behavior of the Tempest to be more like a gravebike with less floaty-ness and greatly reduced bottoming out. It IS easier to kick the bike over on its side WHEN clipping into or off of objects, but it does a better job of righting itself without that wobble back and forth.
    • Reduced the camera delay when turning as well to create more responsiveness.

    Also the Flash doesn't have constant smoking tires anymore, and will roost(throw debris from the tire) a little when turboing on the ground.

  2. Nice! ^^

    Really impressed by the level of transparency and communication so far. Both from community managers, volunteers, and now even developers.

    Please do keep this up, it's what helps you foster and nurture a dedicated and healthy playerbase, and invariably rubs off on later reviews.
    Really a breath of fresh air!

    (On a slight aside, shouldn't this be moved to the updates section? :))
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  3. From what I hear, it certainly used to be a death trap. XD
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  4. SCHRAMB0 Senior Game Designer

    Santiak, you made my day. :D
    (Slightly aside, the Updates Section will be for official patch notes, I just wanted to drop something into General Discussion for players to see the changes and be able to give me feedback specific to those changes)
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  5. Any idea if the tempest is going to allow for free look like the flash? That was the only reason I used the flash instead of the tempest during the beta.
  6. I think the problem with giving it freelook is then it will have to control like the flash. Right now it behaves much more like the Magrider, or the Sparrows from Destiny. If they could make the vehicle try to face the camera's current direction but not restrain the camera to the vehicle's current heading I would be happy with that.
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  7. Hehe, glad the feeling's mutual. Always advocated transparency, even during my time as CM, with great results, although I'm not blind to the potential pitfalls. Either way, hope to see it continue. :)

    They could add a key that toggles freelook while pressed. For example RMB or Alt; would let you quickly look around without disrupting direction, and without having to redesign controls.
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  8. SCHRAMB0 Senior Game Designer

    More Transparency!
    The Tempest IS in fact adapted from the Magrider's movement model and hence the camera is the rudder from which you steer.
    Detaching the camera on specific key input may be possible to implement post-launch, possibly. Definitely maybe.
    There's a slew of code features we would have to implement and would require a significant amount of resources.
    We would need to keep the initial heading stored and active while the camera is in free look (essentially keeping 2 cameras active).
    We would have to implement a way to transition the freelook camera back to the default camera without it popping or being disorienting.
    We would have to handle edge cases, like dismounting in freelook, winning a match in freelook, getting killed in freelook, etc that would have to have those systems put in considerations for a tertiary camera.
    Also, to play devil's advocate: I personally, like having variety in the vehicles akin to how we have variety in our weapons, some people like to snipe, some people like empty a clip on the LMG in one trigger press. >:D
    Please give the changes a try on the playtest tomorrow and let me know what you think.
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  9. Ah, quite a bit more work than I imagined then; just recalled that it worked like that with the Gravbike in Tribes, you'd essentially relinquish mouse-input controls while you looked around using the RMB, but still maintain strafing/acceleration. Once you let go, the camera would snap back somewhat rapidly, but not "blink"-fast. Same thing was the case for basically every vehicle, come to think of it, so it may have been baked into the code (since you could already switch between 1st and 3rd person even on foot).

    All that being said, I definitely do appreciate the variety. As you could possibly glean from the above (and a bunch of my other posts), I was a huge fan of Tribes, and the vehicles there/gravbike. Think there's even a clip of me doing a flag grab using the gravbike in a match on YouTube :p
    So I'm very happy that the Tempest kind of fills that role, as I'm much more at home on strafing hover vehicles than wheeled ones (since pre-Planetside 1). Here's hoping it'll be just a tad bit more forgiving with the bank tilting ;)

    Will definitely be sure to give it a try and report back here ^^ -- here's hoping I can find two others to tag along with, since it sounded like Solo woulnd't be available tomorrow(?).
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  10. Just gave it a whirl, much better, I feel!
    It's not tilting and bumping nearly as often, and feels a lot more "hovery" and less "unicycle"-esque to pilot.

    However, it feels a little awkward that the tempest doesn't move more along with the mouse.
    It feels a bit too disconnected as it is, in fact, at first I thought you had rebound the strafe keys to take care of turning instead.

    For me personally, I wouldn't mind if:
    - Mouse-look sensitivity being much lower, but the Tempest turning nearly as fast as you can turn the camera (so it feels like you're controlling the yaw with your mouse more), but still can't turn on a dime. Think MAX on Autorun in Planetside 1.
    - To compensate, have strafe be a bit more sensitive. In essence increasing acceleration along the Y-axis (sway).

    This, I feel, would make it a bit more maneuverable, but less speedy than the Flash.
    In essence, you could hover both along X and Y (Surge and sway) more freely than the Flash could turn, but not at top speed. Conversely, the Flash could more easily reach top-speeds in a straight line, making for an overall more clear-cut trade, whereas now it might feel as if the Tempest is simply a bit more drunk version of the Flash. :)
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  11. I love what you did to the tempest, but I think you may have overdone it!
    The tempest is now better in almost every way compared to the flash, and from the beta tests it seems almost everyone uses it. Maybe it's just me, but the only thing I found the flash does better is going up steep hill slides and if I ever really needed to do that I'd just jump out of the tempest and jet-pack. Idk, food for thought. Maybe others agree with me.
  12. SCHRAMB0 Senior Game Designer

    It was a pretty significant change. We wanted to make the Tempest fun first, then we'll started looking at trade-offs to make the Flash equally viable. Looks like step 1 worked. :D
  13. Is it just me or is the rumble seat first person view way to high? It just doesn't seem right.

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