Zoe's double damage is too much

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  1. NightFalls998

    Zoe's double damage is too much. Basically, you get one shotted by a deci and the c4 radius to kill becomes twice as large. The only thing zoe is good at is chasing down infils when they run.

    Also, if you can't a max strafing at 20m/s while your bullet is 600+m/s, you need to learn 2 play
  2. Winfield

    Incoming flame in 3.....2....1....
  3. Algernon

    You do realise the extra damage is added after the mitigation don't you? Zoe does not take double damage.
  4. NightFalls998

    decreased 20% damage resistance , so:

    80% -> 60% resistance, so the damage of bullets will go up from 20% to 40%, a 100% increase, therefore double damage
  5. Jurun

    If you can't dodge a decimator in super saiyan mode you need to learn 2 play

    EDIT: Also applies to C4.
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  6. Metallic123

    Don't use it then.
  7. Algernon

    100 - 80% = 20 + 20% = 24 total damage.
    100 - 60 = 40 total damage

    which way is zoe damage calculated, test it ingame, you will find the extra damage is calculated after the intial resistance, there are already multiple vids on theses forums showing this. Sorry the ZOE does not take double damage.

    edit to add video (not mine)

    Zoe is a cool feature but to make unsubstantiated claims that are just plain wrong with no evidence that you obviously have not tested yourself is just ...
  8. Drealgrin

    Bro, ZOE is amazing as is. IT needs some sort of crazy debilitating weakness otherwise it would get uber nerfed in some other way.

    Though i do think that the damage absorb reduction should scale with level alongside the damage increase. But this is offset by recieving the full movement speed buff at rank one.
  9. Wilden

    where the hell do you people get the idea that a default rocket launcher or even a decimator 1 shots a zoe max?? Have you even Tested it yourself? I have. a Decimator takes you to 25% health. A normal rocket to approximately 35% health. Flak mitigates this as well albeit only a very small amount. Also C4 will not kill you in zoe mode if you use flak. You have to be pretty stupid to get hit by a C4 anyways in ZOE mode as you can actually move out of the way.
  10. SgtBreastroker

    Your math is immensely flawed.
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  11. Hiba

  12. Van Dax

    OP that is outdated data from the test servers first version of the ability.
  13. Vorxil

    In the former, the increase is in percent. In the latter, the increase is in percentage points. It's not a matter of whether or not it's applied before or after mitigation. It's a matter of people not giving a damn about proper notation which causes confusion.
    If it's +20% it should be a percent increase i.e. multiplicative. If it's say +20 pp it's percent points i.e. additive.