ZOE Whiners rejoice!!

Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by Slaidd, Jun 13, 2013.

  1. sSie

    Well if the Vanu MAX had the ability to dominate rooftops then it probably wouldn't be balanced.
  2. DreamlessLiberty

    The max has 2k base hp. The 80% small arms mitigation increases it to 10k. 30% armor debuff means 56% mitigation against small arms. That means 4.5k effective health against small arms. With 20% armor debuff it would be 5.5k effective health. With 10% armor debuff it would be 7.1k effective hp. Since rockets seem to do 5k damage to maxs one direct hit from a rocket might outright kill a ZOE max. IMO you would have been better off with 20% armor debuff and 8 second timer. You would have been much better off with a DOT.
  3. SolidSnake

    Considering how much the VS whined about NC Maxes and whined even more, enough to force SOE to revert the Magrider nerf, I'm happy this is happening. You had your fun with your OP toys, now that some of them are being taken away you'll just have to adapt like the rest of us.
  4. Tullerion

    They wont be getting a timer when the patch goes live, which in my opinion is BS...
  5. Xasapis

    I don't think the 30% is an armor debuff. More like it's a damage increase after all the mitigations are taken into account. That's why I"m talking about 7k effective health and not some other number. Also, rockets right now almost take out a full health zoe max. Decimator leaves the max with two bars of health. With the 30% damage taken, the default rocket will probably have the same effect.

    The 8 seconds timer really made no sense. The zoe is first and foremost a mobility and position buff. Go somewhere fast, close it, engage. Only if your target is weak or you surprise them you'd keep it up. The 8 seconds timer would imply the exact opposite function, which would really made no sense.
  6. Ziogatto89

    Oh please, it took the devs MONTHS to address the insane scatmax
  7. Roarboar

    As if anyone is going to use ZOE.
  8. Zan_Aus

    The lowered burster damage was needed and I'm not too teary over the dmg increase but 8 second fuel tank is massive overkill for a nerf, that would basically just turn it into charge with less speed and a damage penalty, why would you use it. I know its not coming in GU11 but they really need to rethink that
  9. Ziogatto89

    What I want is to get you to prove me wrong or shut up. It seems however you lack the attention span to do the former so how about you re read all of our exchange? So far you have failed to prove wrong even one thing I've said.

    Also I don't need to get back at you because I already did ;)