ZoE Max OP? Please, tell me how every other NC/TR weapon isn't OP.

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  1. Voiidd

    Even better then that, he actually managed to come out with the hacks**s on top.
  2. MagicBlackShow

    Actually it seems that you are lacrimating a bit, so let me help you out. You only focus on the ZOE MAX quoting movement without bringing to light any of the strong points of the NC MAX, so I will dismiss your OP claims the same way you dismissed my post.
    That which can be asserted without evidence, can be dismissed without evidence.

    Points of view are fun.
  3. Roarboar

    Scatters need more nerfs, 25 damage per pellet sounds reasonable(still slightly OP).
  4. Ginjer

  5. Naithe

    Even comparing VS AI weapons to NC/TR AI weapons, would have failed, with the latest round of changes (like fixing the blueshift). Evened the playing field completedly.

    Sadly it seems alot of VS still think their max sucks balls, when you discount empire specific abilities. and that just isn't true.
  6. Aesir

    While I agree partially with your assessment there are also other ways to balance this out.

    The Dev's currently balanced the VS/TR MAX AI weapons after dps but not TTK. If you look at THIS you will notice how close they are DPS wise with the TR actually having a lead but they actually are worse because of the higher per round damage the VS weapons deal. Instead they should have balanced them out on which weapon combo reaches 1000-1200 first and with how much overkill.

    If we would go after those stats the VS AI would need a RoF nerf, not a big one, 20-40 RoF depending on each different gun. Or the TR need an even greater increase in RoF or slightly higher round damage. And the NC would need quicker reloads or bigger magazines. I'm not talking HUGE changes, 0,2 sec faster reload, 1 more round in the magazine and so on. The Balance is rather close right now.

    Another thing would be to stop the damn NC Shotgun theme. It's hard to balance, most NCs do not like the theme, it ALWAYS puts the NC at the range disadvantage for giving us no real benefit unless you make them to broken, while every other NC tech is actually build to be a good medium range weapon(150mm Titan/Enforcer/Phoenix/Gauss SAW). Gauss LMGs with a unique mechanic twist and a shotgun version for every empire would be way better ...

    I completely agree on the overcharge and Vortex. But it can be a good mechanic if implemented in a different way. What if it always charges up without you doing it. Also the Charge up could be quicker and it's benefit could only be 5-15% damage but a velocity increase of like 60%. It's base damage needs to be raised, it's base RoF needs to go down a little and charges cost no ammo to be more around the output of a Raven or Fracture.

    Basically should deal damage like the other two if not charged up in terms of Vehicle DPS but the velocity is lower if not charged up. So it will be similar to the Saron, just with a charge up mechanic instead of the cone.

    I think the MAX abilities need a second look in general and some extra additions. There should be more abilities available.

    The TR could use a cool down ability that gives similar bonuses like Anchor Down that lasts for a short duration.

    The VS ZOE should actually work in a similar method if it is kept in it's current form, it might need to lose the damage debuff if it no longer is a toggle but only a short duration. Also there could be a ability that gives a defense buff but slows your MAX down. Kinda the opposite of ZOE.

    The NC actually could use a offensive ability, since most NC weapons are Mag/Gauss tech based it would be easy to do something like a Overloaded Coils, increasing Velocity/tighten Cone of our stupid Scat Cannons or increase Raven/Falcon Velocity for a short duration of time. The Aegis could use a shield bash ...

    All of this are just ideas, things that could be done to kinda keep the asymmetric while still trying balance out the game.
  7. HellionX

    IMHO: Higby's stats seem fabricated to me. All he has ever released is spreadsheets showing what his findings are. Anyone can whip up a spreadsheet in no time flat. I also feel like if Higbys stats are so accurate. Set up a website and let us look for ourselves. I just find it odd that every other website that tracks stats says the opposite of what Higbys stats say.
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  9. Van Dax

    oh man where do I start op?

    TR and VS max weapons are pretty much perfectly balanced versus each other, the fracture being the only rebel here(all max av weapons have nerfs versus inf except the fracture and thats not right)

    NC maxes are all fubar'd right now, while I like the shield the shotguns are garbage and tbh having a shotgun only max was a really bad idea to begin with, you could never have this perfectly balanced against the other two but I've addressed all my nc max opinions in another thread in detail so I won't bother reposting.

    Proton II and enforcer modified are both bad, just straight up bad. They take as many shots to kill with as the AT counterparts and are worse vs tanks, utter silliness. Marauder is functional and balanced but still clearly the more worthwhile weapon.

    Infantry weps are nigh perfectly balanced right now with few minor tweakings needed. serpent and the nc high rof carbine need to switch rof with the tr variant and get a boost in something else to compensate, I'd like to see the jag and lynx trade over their vanu movement multipliers over to their rightful owners.

    prowler and vanguard are balanced vs each other but I feel the mag is lacking something, I'm not sure about the magburner bugs(I hear its supposed to work for three seconds and not only one which would change my opinion on it a bit) but the whole forward boost to cover thirty meters almost twice as fast is super lackluster in comparison to anchor and shield. Don't get me wrong they are balanced well vs each other but the magburner totally feels like its on a much lower level than the other two.
  10. Bill Hicks

    Your rebuttal is so powerful." No you!"
  11. Dragonblood

    You forgot to mention the Max abilities that are NOT balanced to each other.
  12. Van Dax

    way to counter anything I wrote buddy
  13. Phaze

    ZOE + AV is silly.

    Here's the reality -- NC Falcons at about 20m blasting non-stop into a Vanguard.... 19 seconds to kill. ZOE + Comets at the same range... 13 seconds to kill - add in how much easier it is to actually score hits with a Comet and it actually moves fast enough to fight infantry with... it's not even a close contest.
  14. Xasapis

    Comets and ravens have practically the same speed. (90 for comets, 85 for ravens, compared to 200 for fractures).

    They also have practically the same damage (475 for non zoe comet to 490 raven). Zoe makes them about equal.

    Those two are pretty equal against infantry.
  15. Consumer

    Severe nerf? Are you serious? Are you talking about the laughable increase of the 25% armor debuff to 30% that only benefits the guys who tote a Decimator around?

    I'm starting to wish that they did add that 8-second fuel timer so that idiots like you understood what severe meant.

    Not to mention your comparisons were awful. I see the rotten purple cherries are hard for you to pick with those goggles on. Take them off and stop acting like a whiny fool. As others have already touched upon, the VS have their own weapon advantages and rivals that the NC and TR could be equally obnoxious as you about.
  16. Phaze

    Nope. Ravens are 17.5 seconds to kill a Vanguard (tested 3 times)... and you're also stuck looking at (or trying to) your target - whereas Comets are fire and forget. Yes - there are some specific instances (hitting a slow moving air target you've slightly misaimed at) when the guidance is nice, but in most real world combat situations... you don't want to be stuck staring at your target... or SLOWLY (no ZOE for NC) strafing, while a turret or MBT opens up on you.

    FWIW - ZOE Comets should actually be 12.5 seconds to destroy... non-ZOE Comets are 15.5 seconds.

    As Marlo said... you want it to be one way, but it's the other way.
  17. Xasapis

    Not sure what to say beyond having a bug somewhere. Stats wise comets and ravens look almost identical (0.25 slow reload speed difference is the only thing). A non zoe comet should be slightly worse than ravens and zoe slightly better.
  18. Guadoc

    Could it be:

    Raven ROF 48
    Comet ROF 120
  19. CaptainYamerica

    TR got the better end of the stick (for now) when it comes to faction specific rocket launchers. VS got the better end of the stick when it comes to MAX specific abilities. NC got the better end of the stick when it came to... base capturing/loading screen music?
  20. DreamlessLiberty

    The cert gain on the ZOE max is to high. All other infantry classes that fight in the same infantry only areas can't achieve that cert gain and neither can the other two maxs. It is also to great an impediment to the cert gain of those fighting the ZOE max who have to waste a lot of time going around or through the ZOE max which in turn reduces their cert gain.