ZOE MAX is pretty darn OP

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  1. RHINO_Mk.II

    Better than infantry strafing speed, and better still because MAX weapons have decent accuracy hipfiring as they cannot aim down sights... whereas an infantryman must strafe slower if he wants to be more accurate.

    Pink glow I concede is a reasonable downside, but not as much as a HUGE BRIGHT BLUE GLOW.

    The increased damage taken is 20% at all levels, and even with it, they have 4 times the effective HP of an infantryman against small arms fire.
  2. ShureShot

    So the VS Max ability needs to be changed because there are ADAD macros that destroy hitboxes? That is some solid logic. Maybe change all guns to waterpistols because of aimbotters while we're at it?
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  3. AuxiMoron

    But what if the conc nade misses? I've thrown a couple at a ZOE MAX and one time it bounced off a ******* wall and hit me and the other times the MAX was already out of the room by the time the nade left my hand. It's about a 1 in 100 chance to hit a ZOE MAX with an RPG. Tried it, failed. And what about people with low FPS? They can't do anything against a ZOE MAX if they're running at 20-25 FPS or even lower. And usually if you are close enough that your entire CoF on the rocket launcher is on the MAX, then you'll be dead before you pull the trigger.
  4. Purg

    We're just making stuff up now.

    Increased speed. Look how much faster my ZOE MAX goes.

    Increased damage is one less bullet at ZOE 5 - which is ~2250 certs deep.

    Not situational? Out in the open near armor or AV turrets, don't turn on ZOE if you want to live. More than a couple of infantry in a room, don't turn on ZOE. I'm generally only using it when I'm encountering 1 or 2 players since the damage penalty I get is noticeably bad - and I have ZOE 4. Can't imagine what ZOE 1 users see when they're getting hit.

    Fully upgraded and never turned off, you've reduced the lifespan of the ZOE MAX.
  5. Oheck

    I think the big problem with ZOE, is the removal of the one thing that all maxes shared, as a restriction to their high damage output and high armor. Movement speed. All maxes lumbering, walking tankmen. You can cert in the ability to have quick bursts of speed, but at the cost of it having to recharge. Now...that has changed. You have a max that can now perform like an infantryman. Not only can he move as fast as one, he has not one 'gun', but two...and they get a damage buff.

    The ability to move and dodge is a huge asset that regular infantry enjoy. But we also have a much smaller pool of health/armor to depend on.

    Keep your ZOE. But balance it by giving it some kind of recharge time to use. At least try to look at it objectively.
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  6. illgot

    I play mainly NC as an Infiltrator. I love the fact that these bright pink glowing maxes run around like they are Rambo.

    Makes easy targets and I have killed a number of them with my bolt action. Funny thing is they tend to fire randomly thinking a cloaker is near because of the distortion effect ZOE has :)
  7. Bearcat

    Not another ZOE thread... and just think, SOE didn't give Vanu MAXes PS1-style jump jets because they were worried that people would complain ;)
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  8. AuxiMoron

    Generally you don't want to be running into an AV turret or armor in a MAX suit, now do you? Of course you won't use ZOE then (you will most likely be dead or half dead already), but it will be helpful to get out of the way. And I can't imagine why you wouldn't want to turn it on with multiple infantry in your sights. With engie support and good cover you'll drop them in seconds as a ZOE MAX.

    The buffs and nerfs are not based off the opinions of the faction who gets it, but rather the opinion of the victims.
  9. Dvine

    Thats why my dear boy you shouldt attack it as a lone infantryman!!!! Its now exactly like any other empire maxes since the release! The only difference now is that for 6 months you could prance around a VS max without too much to worry about now you cant...

    The increased damage taken starts from 40% at LVL 1 and gets lower to 20% at LVL 5, the +damage from the guns means ONE LESS ROUND to kill compared to Zoe OFF.

    TL;DR: Zoe Maxes actually up to par with the other empire Maxes IF!!!!! they are using dual bursters or dual comets.
  10. Nobalification

    i dont know if u are ****** or just kid.
  11. subz3r01337

    lol who cares
  12. Ganelon

    You're either dumb or intentionally spreading false information, a Decimator won't one-shot a ZOE MAX.

    Oh, good. I thought I was starting to see things when my concs didn't work on ZOE MAXes o_O
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  13. Purg

    I'm both. I main NC but I have a ZOE MAX on my VS. The OP suggested that it's an ability you never need to turn off - that's patently false.

    I spend most of my time as an AV MAX due to lattice focusing armor between bases so taking on armor and AV turrets (which are the worst since you don't see or hear them coming) is a common occurrence - ZOE is a death sentence in my experience.

    I can take on multiple infantry without ZOE with more survivability due to the armor reduction. I don't expect an engineer to chase me trying to repair while I deal with multiple threats unless I'm stationary defending - then, what would be the purpose of turning ZOE on if I'm not using its mobility?
  14. N0008918

    Sry mate but there is NOTHING awesome about the shield.
  15. chrollo

    they should shorten the time to anchor and mobilize. Remove the damage buff on zoe and let nc shoot one gun behind the shield. Hey its balanced o.o
  16. Nobalification

    NC and shootbehind shield? do you know how much hp shield have? lvl 3 have same absorb as one max. I like the meelee attack behind shield.
  17. IamDH

    i am not a vanu
    i think they should keep this
    How many times have vanu had to suffer with TR/NC OP items? What has the vanu EVER gotten? They need something to atleast encourage people to go vanu
  18. chrollo

    I didn't mean actual balance, I meant balance for what people on the forums think balance is ;P
  19. Nobalification

    play on Woodman. 34-39 VS 24-33 TR 33-41 NC every day.
  20. Nobalification

    yay ok.