ZOE Max is Destroying Small Squad Combat

Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by TekDragon, May 29, 2013.

  1. isilyan

    And TR and NC Maxes dont, lol op :)

  2. P4NJ

    It's ruining more than just small squad engagements... it's just horrible design... trading health for speed is stupid even without the damage increase. Fighting against the Vanu is now a bunch of maxes in any close range engagement has boiled down to a max running into a bunch of people and mowing them down while they can't shoot back without hitting allies. You thought fighting against the NC was annoying in biolabs before? Try Vanu now.


    Seriously though, ZOE is very annoying. They're fast, they're powerful and they're everywhere. Good luck getting a concussion nade on them if he's in your face. Good thing a lot of people like to stand still with a ZOE max, which is ********. But when an organized ZOE rush comes in... bye bye to your defense.
  3. Kogmaw

    I love these threads, they are legit my fav these days.

    Best tears i have tasted in a loooooong time
  4. Nocturnal

    And how many seconds does it take to take out a max at 100 meters distance?
    And how long time does it take to take out a light assault or an engy?
    Think alittle.
  5. TestyVenom

    I agree that ZOE MAXes are a little bit overpowered as they are. I say they should be changed to an agility increase (with only a 5% damage boost) or take an agility decrease when activated (keep current damage boost).
  6. Macchus

    hmmm .. before this the lattice was destroying small squads and outfits ... what will it be next week ...

    anyways ...

    apparently everybody wants massive big zerg clusterfrack's all the time , so in their eyes , this is actually a good thing . not that i agree with you in any way that ZOE maxes are ruining anything ....
  7. Dvine

    Wha do these questions got to do with the subject, outside of you trying to escape into them to cover your utter lack of experience actualy PLAYING a ZOE max?
  8. Konfuzfanten

    And a GOOD TR MAX or NC MAX will do the same in small scale. Stop whining.

    Concussion nade + C4 = dead.
  9. ShadowAquilaX

    Everyone is trying out their new toys it will die down after a while.
    I don't have visual proof of this, but as I recall when I tested the ZOE in the PTS on the night before it went live it wasn't as fast as it is now. The momentum mechanic worked, and I believed the ZOE to be UP. Someone obviously screwed up and it will be fixed soon enough.
    Now please, Forumside is going to explode....
  10. isilyan

    Yup the devs missed again with the whole VS concept:(
    TR/NC Maxes pretty much got what there MBTs have(Ok NC got screwed), and we got some wired crossbreed thing....
    But its only Disco:p

  11. Syphers

    Obviously they cling to their OP toy
  12. Pat Cleburne

    Pretty much. It's as if the developers took the launch liberator, magrider, and scat max up to GU08 and rolled them into one. Damn things are insane.