ZOE is boring?!

Discussion in 'Test Server: Discussion' started by Eclipson, Apr 28, 2013.

  1. Shockwave44

    It's called flak armor.
  2. Ash87

    No, because none of the max abilities have had animation at initial release. The Aegis shield was changed, Lockdown was changed... If by priorities you mean: "Work out the basic framework and then add tassels to the handlebars" then yes, priorities.
  3. Van Dax

    I'm sorry clearly the other abilities have animations for quite some time or have you not seen them?
  4. Ash87

    Uhm, dude, the original Lockdown Animation was a red shield glow, and the original Aegis shield effect was a solid shield that looked like a transparent armor plate. Since, they have had their final-ish effects added, but they weren't Always the way you see them now.
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  5. Radec594

    You guys are crazy, Zealot-sprinting around in a VS MAX is by far the most entertaining of the MAX abilities.

    The Zealot module was the last to be put on the PTS, it is only obvious it'll be in a earlier development stage than the other two.
    It does not even need any animation, only sound.

    People are running out of things to complain about these days.
  6. Van Dax

    ...And they didn't update the ZOEs look at all. But this isnt the most important thing and we're getting a little ****** over it.
  7. Ash87

    The zoe was released on friday.

    It took a week or two to get updates to the Shield and Lockdown cosmetic effects.

    ...That is why it is known as a Placeholder effect.
  8. Ash87


    We will never run out of things to complain about

    Btw, have you heard Wreckage is op? Nerf magriders.
  9. CptFirelord

    Speed has never been a TR trait. The TR trait is losing mobility for a quicker fire rate.
  10. Stew360

    OK are you willing to come on the test servers ill take my VS maxs with ZOE and you will take anything you can also bring friends , we will record the sessions and you will understand whats OP mean

    Taking half of damage to get a maxs that outperform anyclass and who loose the caracteristic of a maxs i mean by that been slow and slugish

    you arent anymore also you can activate and disactivated it that what make it even more powerfull

    Also do you know if the damage increase is only while ZOE is activated or ?

    Most maxs users arent going to take this ability to first or second level and thing have not to be balanced this way

    thing as to be balance when you have a 100 % upgraded ZOE and its OP compare to any other the Anchore will be OP in base defense

    the NC maxs is agains a gimmick agains small firearms to breach door and door only it as no other purpose

    So yeah be happy to have such a broken feature that could ruins the balance between maxs and infantry
  11. Whiteagle

    Son it's, "I am the Ubermensch," aka "I am the Superman."

    Besides, I think they should yell, "TRANS-AM!"

    Which is why instead of Jetpack ZOE should get a Gravity reduction, so they can bounce around like the Crazy Purple Spacemen they are!
  12. randalthorr

    OMG the hell are you guys complaining about?? The intention here is to bring in more variety to the MAX, not to make it even more stupidly powerful than it already is.

  13. UnDeaD_CyBorG

    MAXes are not stupidly overpowered.
    Never been. Especially not with ZOE.
  14. RANDOMpercentage

    In my opinion all the MAX abilities are a bit lackluster right now. But all of them are still WIP, especially ZOE.
  15. Van Dax

    complaining because the "variety" just makes it worse at its job.
  16. Siveon

    Here's the thing, due to the entire nature of the game being "everyone can be anything and have a short cooldown and resource cost", MAX survivability is already HORRIBLE, you can kill a MAX unit in seconds with just 2 players, so it doesn't matter what they give to the VS it will never be worth it. Same thing can be said about the TR ability since it also makes them vulnerable by being immobile.

    So due to the lack of survivability of the MAXs in general, any ability that makes a MAX even more vulnerable is flawed by design... only the NC got something that will actually aid them and the only one that is actually better than the default sprint.

    Some TR/VS players might get abilities because their "new", but in the end they will revert back to the default sprint.
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  17. Cl1mh4224rd

    So... what was with that jab you made about "priorities" on page one in response to a comment about the animation? It seems like you're not even sure what you're complaining about.
  18. Van Dax

    well at the time I was pissed off TBH I'll admit that. But the thing was is that all the vanu hated and were pissed off and the forums reply with what amounted to "**** you're vanu so it doesn't matter", and consistently ignored the actual VS players opinions. Now I've had some time to see the new stuff they added today and now I feel less cheated. Its not just this, its the things over time that add up.
    So I'm going to man up and apologize for anything I've said over the past few days.
  19. The King

    I'll toggle on this new speed buff and toggle it off when I am alone in a room as a solo max or just a couple people around.
    If I am there with more players, then I'll toggle it on.

    However, the damage buff is so low..
    They should make the MAX turn to something like an ethereal MAX..
    So they're more black and hard to see... A glow makes them more of a target and will just die so fast.
    The ethereal or blackness may make them hard to see at night where you can sneak up against tanks and shizle..
    Other than that, they may only be used to get from point A to point B or if you're behind a sunderer or tank and using the cosmo or starfire.
  20. Siveon

    Yeah they could just removed the dmg buff, armor debuff and just have the speed, at least I wouldn't need to be worried with taking the extra dmg and would be more an alternative to the sprint.