ZOE is balanced, TR/NC finally scared of VS MAXes

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  1. Zan_Aus

    No one is arguing that though; neither the ZOE nor Lockdown bonuses should apply to Bursters, its way too OP. My dual extended mag ZOE bursters are just ridiculous vs air.
  2. Rhiaci

    uhum, not situational at all since you can shoot at EVERYTHING with it, Infantry, Turrets, MAXes.

    Btw, whoerever thinks that VS Maxes were free kills before ZOE is a person of deficient intellect and might want to play a different game, I suggest Tetris.
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  3. FendleyFire

    I love all the Vanu saying concussion is a direct counter to ZOE when they can just hit F as soon as they are hit by a concussion and hey presto! No more weakness!
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  4. Bankrotas

    Tetris is hardcore man. I think you mean farmville.
  5. Stew360


    Concussion grenade are even more a ANTI vanilla maxs grenade since the Concussion now as its effect base on how close you are from the detonation since the ZOE moove faster he will avoid the grenade faster will negate the effect of it also even if he is (( stunt )) he wiill still moove faster than any other maxs

    Concussion grenade are a pain for any infantry and much more dangerous since a infantry canoot toggle OFF ZOE to have no damage penalty whats so ever and also a regular infantry do not have any armor bonus unlike the maxs suits lol

    Vanilla NC maxs are more vulnerable with concussion why ? bcause nc maxs as to stay on the moove licking corners and reach its efficient range if he is slow down he is dead , unlike the VS one who have amasing range and huge magazine

    this is so biased i cant even stand it lol
  6. Stew360

    The force is strong with you ;)
  7. Pikachu

    I always found the sound of vanu MAX AI weapons scary. Now it's just worse because you know they will be glowing pink.:confused:
  8. xXSmokeXx

    Let me stop you right there and say this: you're not scary, you are annoying. Big difference. I play a TR and you know what is scary? When a scatMAX rounds a corner in your face. That's an oh-****-leap-of-a-cliff moment.
    When I see a ZOE, that's a "yawn-another-one" moment. You accept that as an infantry you have about 10% chance of killing one and move on.

    On my server, it's gotten to the point people are starting to actively avoid fighting the VS if they have any choice. We even let them take all the territory they want in an alert and just try and have some fun fighting NC because that's at least balanced and doesn't feel like banging your head against a wall. Fighting hordes of ZOErglings is boring and frustrating, nothing more.
  9. Shockwave44

    Right, how about you stop going after them alone. Ever try that?

    Get better and stop whining. This is how real players fight the VS.
  10. BarxBaron

    ZoE helps you avoid the things that maxes TRULY fear thus negating any small dmg penalty it has.

    These things are:

    Direct rocket hits, C4, Direct tank hits, being near the epicenter of flashbangs/conc-nades, etc.

    Aegis and Lockdown do not completely negate the max counters like ZoE does. (Aegis can negate SOME of them but it takes awareness). ZoE does all this even while negating its own armor debuff by avoiding more damage - especially from the items listed above which are the most efficient Max Counters.

    If ZoE is to stay as it is it needs to:

    Have the same TTK death time as a HA vs light arms fire
    Take even more damage from indirect explosives

    What does this prove besides the fact that Aegis max rushes are a valid and a easy to understand tactic?
    Notice how the max never turns off his ZoE because the disadvantage doesn't matter? Too awesome to be situational.
    Notice how those maxes, even tho shielding for their pals cannot fire? Situational.

    I can guarantee I still hunt NC maxes alone and get hunted down solo as a TR max - because they cannot completely negate the easy max counters like ZoE constant speed can. In fact TR's "ability" makes them even more of a tin-coffin.

    Why is this so hard for some folks to see and/or admit?

    If it's going to counter the real max counters it needs a new large weakness and the armor nerf does NOT cut it.
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  11. Frances

    Honestly you all make me laugh... the VS on Miller have won 1 maybe 2 alerts since forever... You introduce the ZOE max and they suddenly win all alerts... Last night they have something like 19 perc pop and still won... Devs will see the stats we all know they are a joke ... so for now just laugh because when they get "balanced" we can come and watch the Vanu cry
  12. C0L0NELH0GAN

    It's awesome to read those Threads!

    The most kills, ZOE does atm is a stupid, lonley enemy running towards you - because pre GU08 (AI weapon tweak) there was a 50/50 chance to drop a VS MAX
    Nowadays, the chance is only at 5%, because DualBurster and VortexMAXes are too bad for infantry counter!

    So, this makes the ZOE MAX not OP, because I can farm Infantry with every StockMAX from every faction if infantry comes one by one - no great deal!

    Adapt, play organised and rush in with 2 mates and a MAX beside NC with Ageis will go down within 2-3 seconds (with maybe a conc all 3 maybe survive at least)! Thats it! AND for all ADAD claimer! Your bulletvelocitiy is about 500+ meter/sec! Even a ZOE MAX can't strafe that fast - so you CAN hit him!
  13. Shockwave44

    No but I'm loving watching you cry!
  14. Choppy89

    Lol. I am really petrified of VS maxes, finally(sarcasm). No, just means you can run away faster and be weaker in the process. Prefer to fight TR maxes. Atleast they commit to a max v max fight and dig in. XD

    NC max still dominates. XD
  15. C0L0NELH0GAN

    Wow, a faction with almost 40%+ pop all time is complaining not to win Alerts against 19% VS...
    I played a lot this Weekend and I saw a lot more VS MAXes on battlefield, but thats because they are new and no competative!

    BUT what I wasn't mention is, that there are Platoons full of MAXes rushing around! There is a lot more infantry than MAXes out there. Sometimes you adept your tactic (hm, should be normal in a objective based game), as NC does to bring their ScattMAXes to push or defend their doorways!

    I also saw you guys with 15 FractureMAXes (Lockdown or not) blasting a whole Tankzerg within some minutes... Balanced? Can't say, we adapted to the situation...
  16. Shockwave44

    Oh look, another misguided troll.

    It's called a test server for a reason.
  17. xXSmokeXx

    Man, you obviously haven't been on the receiving end of a skilled outfit using ZOE. It doesn't matter what you do. They hit you with a cluster of 4-5 ZOE, rest are engineers and medics. Total CQB carnage. You can kill a few, but they get rezzed immediately. Also, there are only two ZOE in the video, both noobs. Jumping in front of each other, ffs. No strafing at all. No flanking attempts. Nothing, just standing there taking hits and being predictable. Also, a single ZOE with dual comets would turn those shield MAXes into minced meat. I take down their shields with a frikkin' LMG.

    Oh, and while we're at it, what is TR supposed to do?
  18. Shockwave44

    I just showed you how to take down ZOE MAXes.

    Lock down and hold them back. I'm not a TR player so I don't know the best way to use it.
  19. xXSmokeXx

    Yeah, I know you're not a TR player. Lockdown you say? You mean that lockdown which limits your firing arc and roots you so that you can just eat the rockets their HAs send your way by playing peek-a-boo from range? You know what happens to a locked down MAX if a light assault flanks them or gets past their firing arc (unless you're running down a hallway, not hard to do)? They get blown up.

    And finally, you do know that mobility is the name of the game in CQB? If you stay in one spot, and the enemy knows where you are, you're going to get killed. So with that knowledge in hand, try to figure out why locking down your MAX units is a bad idea when facing highly mobile ones.

    You showed a couple of ZOE noobs getting pwned by numbers and ridiculous tactics. Shield wall doesn't work against a skilled team, this isn't a medieval warfare game where the worst the enemy can throw at you are stones and arrows. It's embarrassing. One LA with C4, one engi with tank mines, ONE 2XCOMET ZOE, and that NC shield wall is toast.
  20. Shockwave44

    It's obvious you just want to nerf anything that poses a challenge to you.

    You're on your own.