ZOE, irrational fears and reality

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  1. TerryTenMen

    I know how they work, I was talking about the likelyhood of a good max just standing stationary in the same spot like you seem to think they will.

    The mobility is far too high coupled with the increase in damage. OP stupid ability
  2. CupBoy

    There are pretty much no significant differences in common pool weapons. Are you just making things up?
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  3. Flag

    I'm not sure you do, since you seem to think it's so easy to flee from one as anything. Between human reaction delay and how long it takes to clear the blast zone, nothing, probably not even charge will let you escape in time. And if you do, it's because the one who threw the grenade is bad/unlucky.

    That aside, if not mobility, what should the VS max get? I know it gets damage, but that is offset somewhat by the lower effective health. Heck, if anything, HE tanks are even better against the ZOE max than it was before. No, any weapon that can deal indirect damage should deal more damage to the ZOE max on average. Guess what this includes. Fractures. And Falcons. And any rocketlauncher.
    Here's a tip. If you see a VS ZOE MAX, focus it down along with whatever medics are around. It has a glaring weakness despite it's newfound advantages. Abuse it.

    I won't deny that the ZOE is good. I just dispute the notion that it's OP.

    Keep in mind that besides the magrider nerf, the AV engineer turret, Annihilator and now ESRLs are introduced to the game balance.
    Especially the first two should have had an impact on the tank's performance, in addition to the nerf that was handed out.
    In short, there were too many things done to the game to draw a conclusion from just one of them, in this case the magrider nerf.
    For example, the magrider, bar the ability to scale vertical slopes, is very close to what it was back then. Does that make it OP now? No it doesn't. However, with the new additions(RLs and AV turret) and previous buffs to the Prowler and Vanguard means they're much closer now than back then.
  4. CupBoy

    I don't know why you're telling me this.
  5. deggy

    Actually, NC tend to have lower average scores on common pool Sunderer, Lightning, and Liberator weapons, as well as base turrets. I think it's something to do with population, a lot of servers have a lot of NC on them.
    The increase in damage is something like 3% per level. At max level, that's maybe 12-15%, which causes it to take one bullet less to kill infantry, or one reload less to kill a tank. It's nothing like the TR's 50% DPS increase, and rightly so. They should have just left out the damage increase, it's not useful and it makes you guys think we're running around oneshotting things.
  6. Flag

    You specifically? No reason, your post was at hand, mentioning the NS weapons which were brought up together with the magrider of old at some point. Though in retrospect I guess I should've quoted GhostAvatar instead. Oh well.
  7. CupBoy

    Not really. The small differences in common pool weapons are for the most part within the margin of error. But go on and perpetuate that myth.
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  8. deggy

    Was there a need to be rude about it? No. Was I rude to you? No.

    You can look up the statistics yourself, many of the NS weapons return scores 15% lower for the NC faction.
  9. CupBoy

    And most of those score differences are within the margins of error.
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  10. deggy

    If your margin of error is 15% then I feel sorry for the person relying on your data. Typically margin of error is +/-2%.
  11. Flag

    15% as a margin for error?!
  12. DuckSauce

    Watching CupBoy try to teach high school--level statistics to the official forums is like watching Nate Silver try to teach modeling to Fox News pundits.

    Yes, a margin of error that falls 15% from the estimated mean is perfectly reasonable depending on the number of people using that weapon. A "typical" margin of error of 2% is nonsense. The MoE depends on the application, in particular the sample size; in engineering it could be millionths of a percent, in video game score per hour it could well be 15%. I don't know where the heck 2% came from -- a vague recollection of Gallup polls, maybe? Even those 2% are percentage points and not percentages; when your variable runs 0 to 1 a MoE of 0.02 can be a fair bit larger in percentage terms...
  13. ent|ty

    They were used to steamrolling the VS MAX, now they're scared.

    I dunno why, increased damage means nothing if you can't be hit.. and they have less defense and armor, so should be even easier to charge and kill.

    Oh wait.. oh okay.. its the skilled players they're trying to nerf . Oh I see, the players who use the increased speed to do the same tactics as faster classes, and they are surprising the enemy who was used to an easy kill for so long. Oh I see...
  14. Caydn

    Hmm your max dont bother me but the magrider was and is op.
  15. umbrellapower

    ZOE MAX is currently operating like the NC MAX does, with a huge benefit at the cost of less survivability. I felt this when I tried the NC MAX out and was blown away at its killing power but dreaded the feeling of vulnerability when caught in the open.

    I think that ZOE could do with more health reduction and a very tiny speed nerf to account for the laggy hitboxes. However, if SOE decides to go the full ****** route and remove our speed boost, that will make ZOE a useless ability because I really don't care about being to kill one bullet faster.
  16. Keiichi25

    Only on turning. I noticed no movement slowdown when I got Concussed while in ZOE configuration.
  17. TomaHawk


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  18. Keiichi25

    The only problem I see with the ZOE is that the damage increase encountered can be easily mitigated by the Armor slot buff... So a ZOE AI MAX with 2 or 3 Kinetic Armor mitigates a lot of damage from small fire to offset the ZOE's major issue. While yes, it is weaker to explosives in general and now moreso with ZOE, the problem is, the only people who really deal with MAX armors are the HAs when they are with dumbfire, C4 users, mostly LAs, but beyond that, short of ambushing them with the claymore/prox/bouncing mines, small arms engagements are basically improbable.
  19. TerryTenMen

    Oh look, the nerfbat is incoming. Seems I was right all through this thread, SOE could see straight through the bad VS players desperation