ZOE Defies Physics!

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  1. Jakey


    That's right, another ZOE thread.

    Why? PS2 wants to be a credible game, which require credible lore. Now, I'm not saying we need be ultra realistic in all aspects of the game (it's Sci Fi!) however, ZOE DEFIES THE UNIVERSAL LAW OF CONSERVATION OF ENERGY and Physicists around the world are crying with despair.


    "The total energy of an isolated system cannot change. Energy can be neither created nor destroyed, but can change form, for instance chemical energy can be converted to kinetic energy in the explosion of a stick of dynamite."

    A MAX Suit is a powered exoskeleton equipped with composite armor consisting of advanced alloys and ceramics. Despite lacking the shield generator that other infantry possess, the heavily armored MAX suit is able to take incredible amounts of punishment, especially from small arms fire.

    So we can assume that the mobility of the unit and firing systems must be powered by some internal battery or fuel system. The armor itself is a physical attribute, and MAX's are not equipped with a shield.


    My first argument is that armor is a physical part of the max, unrelated to the amount of energy in the system; and therefore unable to contribute to amount of energy in the system. You cannot "overcharge" your battery cells to suddenly produce more armor, or on the flip side draw armor away from the body of the MAX to enable more energy to be inputted into the mobility or weapon circuits. Given that MAXs are not equipped with an energy shield either, where does this energy come from?

    Armour is physical, it is not part of the energy system of MAX, and cannot contribute towards the power inputted into the mobility or firing systems to increase their output.

    OK. So lets consider that the VS MAX has some type of super advanced system that IS able to convert the armor into energy (Alien tech. and all that). The Law of Conservation of Energy states that the armor degradation is permanent, and the longer the ability is run for, the higher that degradation will be! You've just converted your armor into energy and blasted it out of your weapons systems, it doesn't just suddenly re-appear when the ability is turned off!


    When building a system, we need to make sure that system is able to be powered for the amount of time it's required for - If we build a car, we need to make sure it's fuel efficient enough to last for considerable journeys. If I can only get from the petrol station to my house and back, it's not fit for purpose.

    We can assume that MAXs are required to be deployed for a period of time, so the internal systems must either be rechargeable or use a power source able to sustain the units for a considerable time. In the case of a MAX, we need to ensure that the units do not run out of juice half way through a fight. Overcharging your fuel cells to boost the power to both your mobility and firing systems is possible energy-wise. However, it will leave a deficit of power in the entire system.

    Running around like normal without the ability does NOT recharge a power system, you're still expending energy. If I drive my car like a maniac and burn through crap loads of fuel; it doesn't suddenly recharge if I start driving around nicely and economically - there's still a big deficit to fill (to the detriment of my wallet).

    Those cells need some serious recharging before you can even think about doing it again or fighting in a regular capacity. Why not have a break - Stand in the sun like a giant purple flower to absorb more energy?


    When building a system for a purpose, we need to ensure that it will physically last for the amount of time the system is required for. Computers work within their safe ranges to ensure longevity. Yes we can overclock our computers, but it can make the system unstable or requires vast cooling to ensure that the parts do not overheat or break.

    Yes. Overcharge your fuel cells on your MAX - but you can only do it for a few seconds before something starts overheating potentially leading to burning our parts and systems, rendering the unit unable to move or fire.

    Sorry, but your automatic on-board systems will need to lock those weapons and slow your mobility whilst everything cools to a safe level again. We can't have MAX's failing due to pilot error.


    The ZOE ability was not thought through on a number of levels, but NEVER **** WITH PHYSICS.

    TLDR; Physics is awesome.
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  2. Hatesphere


    what if its not physically removing the armour but rendering it less durable while the field is active? nothing says it is removing the armour at all. what if ZOE is simply a sort of field generator that makes the max less massive and therefor the armour is less effective, since it is unable to as easily counter the force of an impact using its mass?


    continuing from my random BS about the ZEO drive making the suit less massive, what if the current speed increase we see now is toned down to allow long operational life without too much wear and tear on the components? a much higher output could be achived but then too much energy would be used and the components would break down faster? similar to how the NC max can keep putting up an energy shield, and how the TR mac can fire as increased speed indefinitely?
  3. Badname707

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  4. Cab00se187

    Nanites defy physics
  5. NikkoJT

    Bearing in mind that the VS MAX is like 50% alien tech (and looking at the character model), I think it's fairly safe to assume that some of its protection is provided by powered systems. The default model doesn't appear to have heavy plate armour, at least not as much as the other MAXes...

    Also, the ZOE module is just that - an extra module. It's not necessarily drawing power from the suit's defences to increase speed, as it might include an additional power source. The weakened resistance could just be a side effect of whatever it does to boost speed.

    Plus, of course, ~nanites~.
  6. Kurohagane

    Wow, your entire argumentation is based on assumptions about how the device works. There are so many loopholes it's not even funny.
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  7. TheReaperKing82

    I must say your little rant about physics is quite interesting. I propose an idea though, what if the MAX's speed increase is due to the warping of time and space, sort of like a warp drive on star trek but very much toned down. They could make it so that the speed increases by using spacetime to basically pull it around a little faster than normal. The downside of course would then be that any other matter entering this bubble of warped spacetime around the MAX would then be accelerated toward the MAX, thereby doing increased damage.
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  8. Phazaar


    Also, enjoy your hovertank, and magburner...
  9. Predator01cz

    -Planetside 2

    Choose one
  10. Nintyuk

    The ZOE Creates a Gravity field around the MAX that increases the Kinetic Energy of the weapons projectiles and allows it to move faster, it also increases the Kinetic energy of incoming projectiles too allowing them to hit harder and do more damage.

    Science Logic, and I'm NC.
  11. Torqameda

    Um, a lot in this game defies physics. The torsion of aircraft, the way vehicles roll (especially harassers and flashes), etc.
  12. MasterOhh

    So in a game that has:
    • a hovering tank
    • a repair tool that repairs stuff by shooting a beam on it
    • a medic tool that heals and revives ppl by shooting a beam on them
    • a grenade that revives ppl
    • teleporter tubes
    • respawn tubes
    • a disk that can turn into an ammo box or 2 types of turrents
    • the vulcan harrasser (sorry couldn't resist ...
    you think the ZOE defies physics?
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  13. JudgeDeath

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  14. Izriul

    Well then, magrider should be insanely buffed to go 200KPH and upwards, you know, since there's no friction You know, quantum locking and all that.

    For the sake of science and realism.


  15. PieBringer

    I literally stopped reading the thread at the title.

    Fictional alien tech? Defying physics? In a sci-fi video game!?

    You don't say!
  16. eldarfalcongravtank

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  17. Astriania

    Very little in Planetside seems to follow normal rules of physics; in addition to the above, we get respawned at will but only at certain sites, bullets have a maximum range of 300m except if you're shooting at a vehicle when it's 500 (or 800 or whatever render range is), the whole VS pewpew energy weapon set, aircraft flight is completely unrealistic, vehicles flipping at the first site of a rock, faction specific shields, shields that stop a bullet and a ~50kg Flash but not a ~70kg soldier, ...

    Good arguments though.
  18. Earthman

    We conjure vehicles out of thin air. We repair burning wreckage by pointing a boxy gun at it.

    Let it go.
  19. Redzy

    I thought the rant was interesting, but still, there's a lot more than just the ZOE I'd put into the category of things that defy the law of physics in this game.

    Let's all agree that ZOE is OP!!
  20. Nocturnal7x

    lol. But honestly, zoe has gone on long enough, heck, way too long. Pick speed OR pick damage OR pick jetpack or make a zoe equipped max cost 500 resources...doesn't matter it needs to change. Zoe is the only max people main as a class, zoe is the hardest to kill and the deadliest.

    Its a joke.