ZOE changes on testserver

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  1. [HH]Mered4

    I will say that ZOE Max units are extremely vulnerable against 3 folks head on, and within 15m - me and some outfit m8s tested that.

    if a heavy with a large magazine >50 flanks a ZOE, ZOE dies quick. it takes two of the other classes to effectively flank a ZOE.

    at medium range, ZOEs are almost untouchable. the TTK drops a little for CQB, but its more significant at medium range because of accuracy and dmg dropoff.

    However, *macro pros*, aka little kiddies under 17 (there are few exceptions), easily dominate because of the ADADADADA combo stupidity.

    The ZOE strafes as fast as an energizer bunny on steroids, and boy does it make a difference. Infantry cannot hope to strafe that fast with that kind of accuracy....thus why it is such a formidable opponent.

    Spike damage really isnt the reason infantry players are whining so much. Its that they cant adapt to a fast moving purple rubber ducky shooting battery acid.

    PS the test server is STILL EMPTY. Looks like these changes are goin' live for sure. :eek:
  2. Inu

    Your lack of knowledge on the strafing ability of a ZoE MAX makes your post invalid.
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  3. [HH]Mered4

    I wish I could report your post for stupidity. Really. No facts. No comebacks. Just, "you are wrong and a ******* cuz I said so. Have a horrid day." :rolleyes:

    Ima do this on the next person who tries to pull this in a reply to me. See what SOE says :p
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  4. The King

    The 8 seconds doesn't seem too bad.. The increased armor debuff is insane.
    1-3 people shooting at you, you're dropping. Turn it off, you're living a lot longer.
    I think people on test server actually knows to shoot MAXes, instead of run AHHH purple lobster run!!!
    That's the only reason why they lived longer than they should. People do not shoot. Also, there are more medics and engineers without their guns on live. On test, there's more than 1 heavy using their LMG.

    I can kinda live with an 8 seconds fuel since the fuel recharges at a decent rate. The armor debuff kills the whole ability. You can pistol kill them.
  5. Ronin Oni

    I understand that ZOE is extremely potent in it's current Live state... I was simply remarking on the absurdity of the complaint I quoted about damage spiking.... though the last patch that added momentum really hampered the ADAD BS pretty well. Nevertheless, it was a very mobile platform of death.

    I think the test server nerf is a bit far though as well.

    I won't doomsay and cry and whine about it... I'll check it out and report my feedback just as I did with the current one.

    I will, however, correct people when they make blatantly ill-informed statements.
  6. Skadi

    Dear god everyone duck and cover, SoE is going NERF MAD this patch, and the forum QQ is going to be on levels like we have never seen before.
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  7. LohaMoha

    ZOE is still infinite on the test server, no fuel added so far.
  8. InMedeasRage

    They fixed the movement thing. Acceleration negated the warping, making it a fast unit sharing the largest hitbox with the other MAXes. If you could hit a strafing Zoey after the accel patch, that's on your own head.
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  9. Chipay

    ADAD is impossible with the momentum.
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  10. Stew360

    I should say a warning to SOE DO NOT MAKE THE SAME MISTAKE TWICE you have lisen at these same peoples and because of them you have introduce the most broken and outrageously imbalance crap ever made in the game since Ever ...

    Do not lisen at those VS folks from the test servers anymore NEver Ever
  11. DocteurVK

    **** Stew360 is here, where is his dedicated translater? (Ok joke's over ;) )

    problem of ZOE module is, as many people said, that we had ONE drawback for TWO buffs (even if damage was not a big one).

    the most important was that the Downside COULD be countered by skill / luck / abusing macros (until they fixed it), where the other two couldn't.

    also, we had a passive unlimited ability where others either had a "No Moving" lockdown (even with high buffs) and the others a broken defense boost, with a fuel reserve (or a cooldown).

    The fuel reserve mechanic is good, it makes it situational, but maybe rethinking the ability from scratch would be good for everyone...
  12. Cryptek

    Except that's a blatant lie and has been since the last ZOE nerf where they added momentum, making exactly that IMPOSSIBLE.. Lie harder next time.
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  13. Turiel =RL=

    If this goes live, maybe I'll reinstall PS2 and give it another go.
  14. Neutraz

    Odd change, depends on how fast the recharge of the fuel is.
    Also 30 friggin %???
  15. Audi03

    Pretty sure its nightmare for SOE to balance anything in this game so I won't blame them much BUT they were really dumb to put in ZOE the way it was.

    In comparison to other max abilities it doesn't take much to say ZOE is way much better than lockdown and shield. You'll have TR and NC max switching between Charge and the new abilities but no ZOE max user will do that cause its that good and that useful in every scenario.

    Now I've died a lot from ZOE though I do not foster hate on it because of that. Deaths have never mattered to me much but inability to do something against ZOE max pisses me off. They are the kings in Towers and Biolabs if you see a couple of them pop up you have to give up or resort to hiding behind shields. In small bases and small fights a single ZOE max is enough to ruin everything, its like a good zepher liberator in January you knew you were going to die endlessly when you saw one of those.

    Regarding the Nerf its still on Test Server and therefore nothing is certain on what will actually make it to the game but it has to be on par with other abilities and definitely situational like the NC and TR abilities.
  16. qlum

    If I would rebalance the ZOE without replacing it altogether I'd say first of all remove the damage bonus altogether, second increase the effect of the speed boost and increase the extra damage received. It should not be on a timer as that would conflict with the dash ability but it should just be having a lot faster max at the cost of being vulnerable. Giving damage taken as a negative for dealing extra damage just isn't smart as in a lot of cases you deal damage while being in no threat yourself, adding it on a timer is just lame, if you where to do it on a timer it should have no negatives and should not cause you to recieve more damage.

    Fundamentally I like the idea of having a faster but more vounrable max.
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  17. Donaldson Jones

    Why are these devs so moronic? Seriously! If they had nerfed the strafe speed or the speed period I would understand because "THAT IS WHAT PEOPLE WERE COMPLAINING ABOUT!" but like the Obama administration they decided to focus on everything but "THE FUVKING PROBLEM!

    Getting abilities just to have them nerfed into obscurity is making me not want to play...which is sad, because all in all I like the game,but the ups and downs make me mad especially when it takes significant time to earn the certs to get something like ZoE fully certed.

    If you can't introduce something quasi balanced then don't release it, come up with something new.
  18. Chipay

    All the VS folks from the PTS wanted is jumpjets, SOE only listened to themselves.
  19. MrIDoK

    Oh... the tears... :rolleyes:

    I agree with the idea of a fixed duration, even if they still have to balance out the duration of course, 8 seconds is a bit too low.
    I see many many VS MAXes that keep ZOE active pretty much always except when they are actually facing 3 HAs at once and need the increased armor. With a fixed duration you have to think when to use your ability and not only when not to use it... like NC and TR have to do already with their situational abilities. Welcome aboard :D
  20. Shockwave44

    That's so original...

    You want to be on the same level? Great, then ask SOE to nerf the projectile velocity on your prowler to match the magrider's.
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