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  1. PeRXeRs


    This is Zeta Unit. A very active NC outfit on Briggs, looking for new recruits and veterans, joining our hard fights on Auraxis.


    Zeta Unit was not created with high battle rank players. We learned everything through our own game play and are currently very fast progressing, to gain higher Battle ranks.

    Although our outfit isn’t very big, NC members on Briggs know us pretty well. We do regular practice in the training room and develop new tactics and methods to increase our effectiveness. Our Max Phalanx is a know phenomena on the battlefields of Auraxis.

    Our Squads are highly mobile and agile. We do not waste time and deploy throughout the continents within very short time periods, to do what we can best – kick out TR and VS from the territories and provide NC superiority - likely with underpop!

    Our Outfit is very international and we have members from Iran, Germany, Russia, Indonesia, Canada, UK, USA, New Zealand, Australia, Croatia, Japan and Turkey! Because many of our players are from Europe, our prime time is normally 05 AM to 11 AM (GMT +10). A 6 hours timeline, where we take account of most of the NC activity on Briggs. On weekends we often manage to join on Briggs prime time.

    We allways actively recruit new members and we take the full responsibility to train them and explain the mechanisms of the game. But we do not invite people randomly to our outfit. You have to stay with us (our squads) for some days and proof, that you respect our rules and our guideline of behaviour. We do not look at your skills – they will increase automatically while playing with our team.

    We love our Team and we stay in touch even in real life. Building up new friendships, on all continents, is a main target of our small community and we run a dedicated whats app chat group for doing so.

    So watch out for Zeta Unit Command Squads on Auraxis and join them!
    You can contact the following players ingame, to get more informations or join active squads: ElliEloire, Skorobar, PeRXeRs

    Feel free to explore our website and have fun!

    See you on the Battlefield Soldiers!

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  2. Ofumi

    Yo Perxie its me Ofumi:NC-Briggs *-*

    and im also Ogumi:TR-Briggs / Ohumi:VS-Briggs / Omumi:VS-Connery / Okumi:NC-Connery
  3. PeRXeRs

    Nice to see you again Ofumi!

    Haven`t seen you in our squads since a while...
  4. Skizzik_NZ

    Played with you guys a few time when Skorobar was leading, good bunch Skorobar is pretty cool guy.
  5. PeRXeRs

    Nice to hear that Skizzik_NZ! Skorobar is our front tank and our only officer - so he knows what to do. :)
  6. Ofumi

    i cant connectttt
    what happened to Briggs!?
  7. Codex561

    LoginSide 2 Happend.

    On topic for this thread, get better infantry players and I might join you guys. :)
  8. PeRXeRs

    Hey Codex,

    Man exactly our Infantry is our strength. Maybe you are looking to much to the K/D ratios. There was a time where I always played an Infiltrator, sitting in the mountains, flanking the enemies and leaving the day every time with a K/D ratio of 4+. It is really easy to get a higher K/D ratio if you don't care about anything.

    But since we have our Outfit, we always do the dirty work. Other outfit leaders playing with us will confirm that.

    We always go for every single Alert, no matter how desperate the situation is (check this out) and we pop into territory defenses,even when the enemy got a over pop of 80% or more. Add our suicide missions like C4 Gal Drops on enemy tank columns or our countless max-crushes on heavy defended areas. It is quit hard (not impossible) to have a K/D ratio of +2 doing all this stuff. But at the end of the day you can be sure, that you were damn awesome :D

    Man, I should record some videos of our engagements:) Never the less you are more than welcome to try it out at least.
  9. PeRXeRs


    Thats how we welcome the affected FNO outfit at the warpgate!
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  10. Codex561

    Meh, left an outfit a while back might give ZetU a shot.
    Find me, IGN is Codex561TheRebel
  11. PeRXeRs

    Sorry for the late response bro. Will invite you in our squads and add you to my friend list.

    Hope to see you runing with us soon :)
  12. Codex561

    You need to press the little reply button in the lower right corner of the post else I do not get the alert of you responding.
    Also my PC cannot handle large fights.
  13. Punyakarn910

    Yolo Perxers!! Its me!! :D. I'll join your guy as soon as possible (Having a hard time in new place). Btw what happan to Ellie? It seem like she Offline for 1 month right now.
  14. PeRXeRs

    Hey Punya, you are as allways more than welcome :) Elli was in vacation - she is back :)
  15. LazyLyner

    I can't login after last patch:( hope it will fix soon. for 32bit player


    Ps. miss all ur guy bros
  16. BishBasheBoshed

    New website is now up online.

    Just send us a quick message via our Applications page here - http://www.zetaunit.com/outfit-requirements/recruiting-office/

    If you want to run with us first before joining, no problem, you can catch us running squads usually through the week.

    Message one of our guys in game if you want to find out more:- perxers, pooeyes, bluejay, lllPlatinumlll , birniee, baguazhang, sirbeavo, bishop341b

    Look forward to fighting alongside you soon.

    ZetaUnit [ZE7A]
    Planetside 2 Outfit
    Briggs Server, NC.

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