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  1. ikillyou1990

    Deal with them already SOE! F*cks sake, you can't go anywhere without running into 25+ tanks. It is ruining the game for me and most likely at least half of the rest of us.
  2. HadesR

    Resource revamp in 5 months is your best bet for a fix ... If you can wait that long
  3. ikillyou1990

    That won't fix anything.
  4. Mastachief

    2 man MBT requirements and double resource cost while lowering the resource gain rate. Other than introducing a p1 esque system there is no proper solution... ever. We told SOE this in beta that without proper restrictions zerg will happen, and restrictions can add quality to the game play too they would encourage teamplay.
  5. sustainedfire

    The name of the game is zerg.

    What do you expect really?

    In a game that is centered around the ability to have mass conflicts involving combined arms- you want less people?
  6. Hatesphere

    it will if bases have a set amount of resources you can pull from like in PS1. large zergs will simply whittle through the whole supply and then run out of steam before they can capture much.
  7. Jeslis

    Join outfit (you did)
    Pull 5-8 tanks
    Watch the certs roll in?

    Was running around with like 6 vanguards earlier today decimating TR tanks. Was hilarious... got up to about 60k SPH after afking for 20minutes at the start.
  8. ikillyou1990

    5-8 tanks cannot deal with an entire zerg of tanks. meaning 20+ tanks. This is the crap that needs to be fixed. Whether it be set to only being able to pull 5 tanks a day, or making every tank cost a full 750 resources. Anything at this point would be better than what we have now.
  9. MFP_TK_01

    Joins game whose selling point is epic battles on a massive scale.

    Complains about zergs.
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  10. LIKE A BOSS!

    I can't take a terran player with a prowler as his profile pic complaining about tank zergs seriously.
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  11. Jeslis

    actually.. it kinda can.. cause your not hitting all 20+ tanks at once.. and most of them just sit staring at the base.. you get alot of rear shots.. coordinate your firing and you insta gib each tank before it can react..
  12. ikillyou1990

    No, 5-8 tanks will get noticed at the first round shot into the zerg. Once the zerg sees the tanks firing at them, the 5-8 tanks will get steamrolled.