Zergs and Zergsfits always avoid eachothers and steam roll randoms !

Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by Stew360, Jun 17, 2013.

  1. theholeyone

    Risk/reward, chances are if its a one way trip it's to stem the tide of enemies.
  2. Kevorkian

    Or you can load up a ZOE max and stem the tide all day long without dying.... holla
  3. theholeyone

    Oh I see, you're still on the whole ZOE is OP train, clearly you haven't actually tried that against any sort of competent enemy in any sort of numbers.
  4. Kevorkian

    Oh I see you're still living in denial. It's op even against competent opposition.
  5. Stew360

    Peoples are *** hole and play like coward thats why ;)

    Time as always proove that numbers always take the wrong decision ... so yeah

    I was first in favor of a compleatly free planetside free of bariere and in game restriction letting us decide whats strategies to use etc..etc..

    But we all know wich kind of turd it as turn into , overly abusing ghost capping , overly abusive zerging and overpopulated area while others are compleatly emptys

    insanely huge Zergfits who enjoy farming and steal rolling few randoms and winning with Sheer numbers

    If you havent got this already then your pretty blind

    in the best wold , with fair and smart peoples who enjoy true competition and strategic battles yeah i would be agains in games rules and restrictions ...

    But sorry , matherson players arent willing to play this game fair , arent willing to spread the fights evenly or to balance their population themself

    its a matter of facts sorry to poke your bubbles , welcome back on earth !
  6. Stew360

    Actually its no mindless masses , the TR regions are the Enclave , AOD , VG , the purples regions are GOKU and AT , and the blue regions are X and Y NC outfits ;) they were all avoiding each others and steamroll each in their path steam rolling the randoms you are talking about ;)

    My picture show all 3 empire Zerging in their own path avoiding each others Farming randoms
  7. Zan_Aus

    Except its not his weakness. Sun Tzu also said "an army is not defeated until it is destroyed".
  8. McChimperson

    The whole point of coordination is to setup unfair fights.

    Although spreading out zergs with nothing to fight would make things more fun.
  9. PurpleOtter

    Two different quotes (mine is paraphrased of course)....both can be meaningfully applied to Planetside...

    Ahh I see it now. I had to study it a while but i finally looked at the region pops lol.