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  1. 4JlEH30CM

    hi there

    i like in PS2 zerg vs zerg but now isn't a prime years of my lovely PS2 and today is difficult to find out epic battle like it was in past years. i think that ZvZ is essence of PS2 game without teamates amount limits.

    Therefore maybe factions biggest outfit leaders will communicate with eachother and fix date/time for meeting somwhere for that kind big fights?! and announce this events for everybody in their discords

    on Miller today around 20+- BHO vehicles 20+- minutes were waited for enemies. my popcorn was ready and palms is sweaty but they din't found same force and were separeted and died somewhere...

    am i alone in this wishes?

    exactly i am tired from base capturing continents capturing and so on i play just for pewpew in limitless world. i dont know on what else spend certs i spent them just randomly or buy new pistol for my pistol collection some of them i just never used...its because certs bases continents and other stuff is doesn't matter for me at all.

    i miss for something big and epic for battle of the worlds for RvR for FvF!!!1
  2. Blam320

    Piecing together what you're trying to say from this broken post... if you want massive fights go to a Biolab. You'll always find a meat-grinder there for easy certs, XP and directives.

    Otherwise, the game literally offers no incentives for platoons or multiple platoons to engage each other; you get War Assets faster by capturing uncontested bases, meaning it's easier to just redeploy away and start capturing bases on the other side of the continent if you so much as encounter a stiff breeze's worth of resistance.
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  3. 4JlEH30CM

    what? biolab is epic for you? maybe CS:GO is more epic for you? dam man biolab is small base for nerds that tired to be killed outside and wanna farm little bit too...
    if i wanna to play in usual shooter i will play on another game. i play in PS2 because of limitles, vehicles, air not only usual biolab infantry

    i am not shure are you good enough in english language. if you read carefully you will see that i told that fok this certs fok bases fok farm - lets just fight guys lets go massive fight FOR MASSIVE FIGHT because limitless is main PS2 feature! but you told about incentives ... war assets ... capturing bases...

    man please go home you didn;t understand what i am speaking about at all or you didn't seen massive battles in PS2 because never get out from biolab...
  4. Liewec123

    Agreed that the huge zerg v zerg fights are the highlight of this game,
    they're pretty much the whole reason to play ps2.

    Its unfortunate that Wrel has pretty successfully deleted them.
    Phase 1 was the spawn revamp, which tries to force players away from the big fights.
    Phase 2 was the outfit patch, which encourages outfits to zerg over underpopped bases
    and discourages attempting to fight the zerg, causing all 3 factions to zerg around, avoiding eachother.

    And he has almost successfully deleted the big enjoyable fights that are the reason PS2 exists
    But there are still a few outlier bases where big fun fights occur, so phase 3 is to ruin those bases,
    Just as he plans to do to TI Alloys in the near future, when those few last enjoyable bases are ruined,
    His plans to slowly kill this game wilol be one step closer to completion.
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  5. Twin Suns

    Settle down Ivan and get a grip. A grip on the English language please.
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  6. 4JlEH30CM

    no until i have epic battle.
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  7. Blam320

    Oh I completely understand what you're looking for. I'm just pointing out that the best place to find huge fights is always going to be a Biolab because unless Infantry can farm each other immune to interference from aircraft, the big platoon leaders are just going to look for way to grind war assets.
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  8. Twin Suns

    Touché, Touché.

    That's too funny. :). I apologize.
  9. 4JlEH30CM

    Phase 3 - (old but phase too) Orbital strike
    Phase 4 - bastions that waste zerg and any massive battles on the land
    Phase 5 - tornado/whirlwind from upcoming update

    Suggestions for Wrel
    Phase 6 - can't enter in hexagon if there 20 users...
    Phase 7 - can't login in game if your faction is overpop
    Phase 8 - delete PS2 and not play because there too much players...
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  10. 4JlEH30CM

    may be use Koltyr as event continent, lock others and +200% for XP on 1 hour there and nanites discount on vehicles/vessels ?!

    i guess there will be true worldwar on such small space =)
  11. JibbaJabba

    Make an Emerald character. We don't see it spanning 4 continents at once but there is always a packed continent and some big fight somewhere.