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  1. Styrkr

    I have heard from many players (myself included) that zergs are one of the worst aspects of the game. Not infantry zergs, but vehicle zergs. It sucks to face them, and I personally don't like being in them. It suppresses skill and thought to be usurped by ridiculous fire-power and spam-clicking. I think we need a "zerg-breaker". Something to really put a dent in a zerg. AV Phalanx only go so far, and counter-zerging is counter-productive (in the long-game). The "zerg-breaker" shouldn't stop the zerg, it should be something that makes people think before pulling the 30th tank in the group. However, this also cannot discourage reasonable armored groups. This has to be something that will really only affect armored columns of absurd size. Maybe specially designed choke-points? Who knows. That's what this thread is for.

    So I ask you: How would you want to cripple a zerg?
  2. GhostAvatar

    A small group engineers on a hill behind them with AV turrets at a good distance. Zerg broken and OP threads started on the forums.
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  3. Zorro

    I am already doing that. With C4, I am a zerg-breaker.
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  4. Chipay

    a squad o' Lancers+Splashers.

    It stops every (armor) zerg, no matter the size.
    Don't misjudge the amount of strong counters SOE has put in this game. We might not be able to stop the cause, but we have all the power to deal with the results (zergs).
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  5. Cougarbrit

    Strong tank players. Works on Cobalt at the very least. I've seen small organised tank squads absolutely murder tank zergs.
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  6. WyrdHarper

    It's what hornets should've been. Long-range guided AV to crack open big armor zergs. They're relatively inefficient in smaller fights, and in general air is excluded from bigger fights because of its short effective range. If they increased their range , air wings could help nbreak zegs, and even novice pilots could contribute a bit.

    Liberator revamp should include some long range AV stuff as well as resistance to G2A, as they should eventually be more of a zerg-breaker.
  7. Styrkr

    Nice replies!
  8. eldarfalcongravtank

    zerg-breaker? depends on what you play. protoss arbiters work well, also terran tank rush with siege mode + goliaths versus air. be sure to go vespin-heavy lategame and harass their mineral expansions. hope dis helps keke
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  9. Dieter Perras

    how about an airstrike that can be used by squad leaders only and takes 24 hours to cool down. That way people would save it for hitting zergs rather then spamming it at everything.
  10. Styrkr

    Your reference has gone right over my head...

    And then everyone makes a million two-man squads.
  11. IamDH

    Orbital Strike!
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  12. RHINO_Mk.II

    Wraith flash + C4
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  13. HerpTheDerp

    While I appreciate the effort, Arbiters are mostly used against Terrans and mech is just bad against Zerg. Unless you're Flash, but he's a robot, so you're not Flash
  14. Tommyp2006

    Just about any organized force can break a zerg, its really not that hard, you just arent gonna do much lonewolf.
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  15. Dieter Perras

    true dat
  16. Maljas23

    Nest of lock-ons will do the trick.
  17. DevDevBooday

    A single AV MANA 2 bases away.
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  18. Rawsteel

    Zerg- breaker = SONY PATCHES
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  19. Tuco

    Unfortunately it's those "organized" ones that cause pop imbalance zergs in the first place.
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  20. Kitakami

    The zerg is really what separates PS2 from its rival shooters.

    You don't want to break the zerg, you want to encourage it. To encourage it, you need to give it more to do.

    Right now, if I'm leading a zerg platoon, I simply click the waypoint on the next cookie-cutter base and off we roll. Until we catch up with or bump into a counter-zerg, it's rinse and repeat and boring for everyone.

    The bases themselves need to be far more interesting and involving for the zerg, so they spread it out, make it work, make it co-ordinate. That way, being in a zerg is more fun, and if a small rabble of defenders can't hold the base, they can have fun holding an objective at the base. So perhaps the zerg captures the base, but not that objective, and both sides feel a sense of achievement.
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