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    Does anyone know what this is? if you look in your liberator cert tree, you will find the zepher PX listed under the zepher/ its locked, and cannot be purchased. The description is the same as the zepher, and so are the upgrades. anyone know what this weapon is and why its locked, yet presented? maybe its an unintended publication for an upcoming lib weapon? maybe its just a mistake. thoughts?
  2. LameFox

    At this point, I'm beginning to suspect it's a thing they were testing and now shows up there even though it may never really exist.
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    bump for educational purposes.
  4. VargTwo

    A pre-nerfed Zepher that will be on the shop for 700SC 1000certs in a week.
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  5. zizeff

    na its a promo item from the nvida bundle. I have it on my lib it has a shorter barrel thats all.

    Thats it? thats all it is?
  7. zizeff

    yep just looks different
  8. Accuser

    Can we get a screen shot?
    Do your existing Zepher certs transfer over, or do you have to re-cert it completely?
  9. zizeff


    You have to re-cert in to it.
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  10. Accuser

    So the art team wasted time making the Zepher PX that few people will ever have, and no one will ever use. Awesome.
  11. CupidStunts

    you lot would notice a pixle out of place :)

    servs a direct reply from dev.. about 6mth stability plan rather than change plan.

    render for med gfx
    poopy poop for plop

    thank you zizeff for your replies and drawing a conclusion to my question. gotta admit, its kind of a bummer :(
  13. Riekopo

    really weird
  14. zizeff

    Not a problem happy to help
  15. Backf1re

    What camo is that on your Liberator?
  16. RasFW

    Think its alpha squad, but I could be wrong...
  17. Terran537

    That isn't Alpha Squad, I think it is actually a camo from the Nvidia bundle. Seeing as the guy has the Zephyr PX and the camo looks like something Nvidia would make I'd say that it is another item from the bundle.
  18. St0mpy

    circuitboard camo, comes with nvidia EU bundle
  19. Sifer2

    Kind of lame actually. Not really a fan of these promotional items that so few people get. Having to buy a whole new GPU to get a weapon is kind of pushing it. Though at least it's just a lazy chopped down model.
  20. Backf1re

    Would have been more funny to have nvidia decals in the bundle instead, as they are the promoter. And not to mention, make the Zephyr PX shoot green ordnance with the explosion saying "buy nvidia"... :rolleyes:

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